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Now that the election is over, President Bush is taking a vacation from his fantasy world of spin (at his Texas estate, of course). Gone is the vision of “nearly 100,000 fully trained and equipped Iraqi soldiers, police officers, and other security personnel” at work in Iraq. In its place is,

Now, I would call the results mixed, in terms of standing up Iraqi units who are willing to fight.
There have been some cases where when the heat got on, they left the battlefield. That's unacceptable. Iraq will never secure itself if they have troops that when the heat gets on, they leave the battlefield.

...And so the American people are taking a look at Iraq and wondering whether the Iraqis are eventually able -- going to be able to fight off these bombers and killers.

When John Kerry pointed out the sorry state of Iraq's armed forces, he was labeled a defeatist and a pessimist, but he was right about that too, wasn't he?

... just 5,000 Iraqi soldiers have been fully trained, by the administration's own minimal standards.

So what am I supposed to believe? Was President Bush the victim of more faulty intelligence? Or is the guy a serial liar who will say and do anything to remain in power?

Posted by American Pundit at December 21, 2004 10:26 AM