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The Disenfranchisement Has Been Televised

Two weeks ago, I posted on my blog a very personal entry entitled Race, The Media, and Voter Suppression. It was sparked by my anger and frustration as I came upon more and more documented evidence of voter suppression on the part of Ohio Republican Election officials on and before Nov. 2, but also how the coverage of issues pertaining to the Black community in mainstream media, has all but vanished.

However, it is there in those Ohio Black communities where the most damning and irrefutable evidence of election fraud exist - all of which has been completely ignored by the mainstream news media. I found it interesting, that what scant coverage given this story that will not just go away, relied solely on the wealth of other alleged fraud - exit polling discrepancies, undercounts, over counts, electronic voting machine glitches, etc - all having in common the possibility of a reasonable and logical explanation.

But what was common in Black voting precincts in Ohio, were voters in line for 3-4 hours waiting to vote. Voter registration groups like America Coming Together had signed up record numbers, especially in predominantly Black areas of Ohio. As a result, election officials in those areas made repeated requests for additional voting booths, anticipating correctly a huge turnout. However, what fails the 'reasonable and logical explanation' litmus test is why the Ohio Republican Election officials in charge of distributing those voting booths not only denied their requests, but also held back a large number of units that were never utilized.

This past Wednesday, I watched a great deal of Rep. John Conyers' Congressional Forum on Ohio Election Procedures on C-Span, with a mixture of sadness, anger and helplessness. However, now my thoughts turn to the dismissive arrogance of some in the media casting us as 'tin foil wearing, conspiracy theorists', and the many shrill, anonymous Bush voters taunting us to 'just get over it'! Because contrary to their assumptions, those individuals testifying before the committee represented an impressive cross sections of legal advocates, voting rights groups and eloquent Ohio voters (just to name a few) - concerned citizens, white and black, making a credible case of election fraud.

Now apparently, a case so credible it has marshaled forces to aid, but also to disrupt and block, their efforts.

Lawyers for the Kerry campaign are now asking election officials to allow witnesses to inspect the 92,000 so-called 'spoiled ballots', not counted in the state's certification.

Republican House leaders denying him a meeting room thwarted Rep. Conyers' planned Public Hearing on Voter Irregularities to be held at the Ohio State Capitol on December 13. The hearing will instead be held in the Columbus City Council Chambers on the same day, and carried live by C-Span.

Two election volunteers working on the Ohio recount were denied further access to public voting records in Greene County, Ohio. In an ongoing bizarre incident, the denial came directly from Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell in blatant violation of state election laws.

One of the lead attorneys in the Ohio recount fight Cliff Arenbeck is now set to file a pivotal lawsuit, on Monday morning Dec 13. In an interview on Air America Radio, he insists that if all the Ohio votes were counted, they would show John Kerry won.

Posted by Bert M. Caradine at December 15, 2004 12:22 AM