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Kyoto Go

Russia just ratified the Kyoto Protocol (full text here) on global warming, thus activating the process. One hundred and twenty-eight countries ratified it, the United States did not.

One hundred and twenty-eight countries agreed to cut back their collective emissions of six key greenhouse gases to 5.2 percent below the 1990 level by 2012. President Bush has an unimplemented plan for US industry to someday voluntarily reduce the rate of increase of emissions.

Conservative pundits would have you believe your fellow Americans poo-poo the idea that global warming is occurring. Interestingly, polls show that most Americans are unaware that most Americans are convinced global warming is a real and urgent danger,

By a wide margin, most Americans believe they are more supportive of taking steps to reduce global warming than the average American. Thus it appears the public underestimates the public's support for taking such steps.

In the wake of an alarming new report on global warming (full report here), British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, recently tried to get President Bush to stand with the rest of the world (and most Americans, according to the poll) against what he believes is, "long term the single most important issue" facing the world. Predictably, it didn't happen.

So while the rest of the world works together to stave off a threat most of them see as greater than or equal to the threat of terrorism, Bush continues to call for more studies, leaving Senator John McCain to seethe, "Some of us believe that the accumulation of knowledge argues that we act, rather than continue to accumulate knowledge."

Posted by American Pundit at December 1, 2004 8:07 AM