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The Election Fraud Bullet Points Memo

At least once a day now, I will use this here Internet porn provider
to go searching for the latest on the election fraud crusade. I signed
up recently at the Democratic Underground Message Board, which
has been a good source of providing extraneous info and links such
as Michael Moore’s polling place footage from Ohio (QuickTime

However, the DU message board (I now take copyrighted
credit for coining the name for these posters - Duppers) can turn into
one big hysterical hissy fit that will remind one of the Freepers and
the Free Republic message board, unfortunately.

But, I've also been frustrated by the fact that all of the pertinent
information on any given example of possible fraud, is spread out all
over the Internet. Expecting to post more here and at, I was looking for something more comprehensive,
concise and from a reputable source that my expected detractors
could not dismiss out of hand.

The Champion of The Kerry Blogger Underground, MSNBC's
Countdown with Keith Olbermann has now taken the first shot across
bough from Ms. Ann Coulter (read it here in his blog). Hardball
correspondent David Shuster followed Olbermann's lead, which
eventually piqued the interest of Chris Matthews. I should mention
here that since the election I have curtailed (unintentionally) my use
of the telly as a source for news, with the exception of Countdown
and BBC News.

It has been a mix bag as far as coverage beyond that, some of
which has come under criticism for it's half-assed reporting and
dismissal of 'blogger conspiracy theorists'. However, there has
emerged an enraging sense that bloggers of the Left do not have the
same pull
, as those from the Conservative Echo Chamber.
Apparently, the non-Conservative members of the news media have
a rather negative view of bloggers, borne maybe out of jealousy,
protecting their turf, annoyance and/or lack of respect. If you were of
the same mind, I'd recommend firing off a few terse emails, as I did
to The New York Times and Newsweek.

However, I am happy to report that just in the nick of time, my
prayers were answered when I came across five critical examples of
why America and you should now treat this matter as seriously you
treated the election itself. And, you will only get there if what you
read makes you angry.

Greg Palast - Kerry Won Ohio: Just Count The Ballots At The Back Of
The Bus

Steve Weissman (Truthout) - Who Counts In Ohio?

J.F. Miglio (Online Review) - Was The Presidential Election Between
Kerry and Bush Rigged?

Stirling Newberry (The Blogging Of The Presidential Election 2004) -
The Voters Are Restless: Election Fraud Story Circulates The Internet
A bullet point compilation of the most recent evidence of voting
irregularities, broken down by state with sourced URLs.

Town & Planet - 'Lies' A Flash Animation creation by fellow PBA
member Andy at T&P! The most effective, straightforward and
truthful tool yet, that explains where we are coming from!

UPDATE - The above article was originally posted November 13th, on
the author's personal weblog. It was cited and linked to by both and Columnist Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune. Still,
at that point there was a certain threshold of evidence that needed
to be met before I would consider posting this article on WatchBlog.

Anticipating what will undoubtedly be expressed in this comment
thread, yes, there have been a few articles written and news
segments broadcast seeking to debunk what has been characterized
as the 'hysterical conspiracy rantings' of a Liberal blogsphere. As
exampled by The New York Times
, the singular piece of evidence
used was effectively refuted, leaving the (un)intended impression
that the same could be said for the volumes of evidence (not
mentioned), that also exists.

However, I have now come across two items that I feel surpasses
my requirements, evidence that I hope will carry equal weight with
those who read this post.

The Free Press has posted online excerpts from sworn statements
taken at recent public hearings in Ohio, of alleged voter suppression
witnessed at polling places, and elsewhere. Also documented are the
machinations of Republican Election officials, whose conduct can only
be explained as reprehensible.

Second, are the thoughts and opinion of the most respect pollster in
America, John Zogby of Zogby International. In an interview on
Countdown with Keith Olbermann
, the thousands of emails he has
received from deeply concerned American voters seeking his esteem
council visibly humbled him. I am in complete agreement with his
pragmatic approach to this dilemma, and I ask that you give it full
consideration before expressing your own here.

Posted by Bert M. Caradine at November 29, 2004 7:55 PM