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Prurient Interests

If the recent election is to escape the appellation, “The Anti-Erection Election,” Bush is going to have to curb his pet dogs at the FCC. Not that Michael Powell and his father, who loosed the dogs of war in Iraq, with his infamous faux bomb performance at UN the have much in common in their approach to governing the minds and hearts of our nation. Or do they?

Frank Rich writing for the NY Times posted an article that lays out how the disinformation campaign works in the case of Michael.

This Grundyesque campaign is being conducted by the moralistic extremists in our government. They are pursuing our constitutional right to watch the various T&A presentations available on TV today with their little hatchets. Let me reassure the readers who might worry about my somewhat tattered soul that I never watch TV any more.

This is not because of it's tendencies toward displaying sex more often than the TV of my youth. If the sexual revolution had happened before my fourteenth birthday I would have had a better time in the hard teenage years. As it was, at choir practice, I sometimes used my hymnal to hide what has sometimes been called the gallant reflex or failing that to whack it into submission.

Truly I needed no help arousing my most undignified response to feminine beauty at that age; fourteen is remarkable in that regard at least in my memory. Today, having been forewarned by my wife that my self-created problems will remain my problems I now seek to impose less problems on myself, not more.

Oh sure, I watched the now-banned Viagra commercials once with fond remembrance of that period in life when my horns grew unbidden and unsupported by an expensive pill or braces of any kind. It was banned under the requirement for truth in advertising drugs, a prudent rule. I wonder why the makers of Viagra didn't cry foul and point to the Vioxx commercials as justification for their approach. No gasping gagging heart attack victims appeared in those commercials, just people who were no longer suffering pain from their body's painful attacks on itself.

Having exceeded my crudity coefficient for the week I can stop here with my diatribe. Only one more really important thing comes to mind that needs to be said about these times versus the period of my youth when sexually explicit TV was lacking in our cultural diet. There was still sex everywhere; it is one of the few things that humanity has found still comforts those of us who would rather make love than war. War, it appears at this sad time of my life, is always with us too. I much prefer sex myself. War is a far fouler use of human potential. God bless and keep you all safe from the vicissitudes of unwanted TV sex. Myself, I don't like to bother the creator with such things; I just turn the bloody thing off myself. ©Henri Reynard/GoldenBrush Interactive

Posted by Henri Reynard at November 29, 2004 7:44 PM