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DeLay-ed: Fraud Deserving Of Dishonor

There it is, in black and white, and written into the Preamble of the Republican Contract with America from 1994:

‘To restore accountability to Congress. To end its cycle of scandal and disgrace. To make us all proud again of the way free people govern themselves.’

I guess it bears repeating as we inaugurate this new Red State Age of Moral Certitude, that the principle architect of this groundbreaking populist manifesto would eventually resign after revelations of an adulterous affair with a Congressional aide. Yes, hypocrisy is an appropriate description here, although a more strident term could be invented covering Newt Gingrich’s partisan prosecution of Bill Clinton’s shared ‘personal failings’.

And yes, we need to go back and visit this account, the most recent example of scandal having enveloped again, the Republican leadership in the House of Representative. We are looking for signs or evidence folks, of when and/or how the standards of ethics and the appearance of impropriety applying to the members of the Republican Party, may have possibly gone through an Alberto Gonzales revision.

Quickly reestablishing himself as a prominent player in the Conservative Echo Chamber, Gingrich cut in half his ‘Nixonian Redemptive Probation’ period, although he is still confined to like-minded think tanks and the airways of Fox News as part of his sentencing. Yet, herein must lie the proof of why even the facade of an adherence to a higher moral principle, is an image the Right no longer feels it is necessary to fake.

Maybe we should also take a look at how the ascendancy in power of House Majority Leader Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Tex), his years of arrogant and blatant disregard for ethics and campaign finance regulations, and how this may have established the tenor for such Republican behavior. Three of Delay’s closest aides have now been indicted in Texas for such violations, although there is no clear indication that such charges are imminent against the Texas Congressman. (In other words, Delay is to ethics/PAC violations charges as Barry Bonds is to the BALCO steroids investigation.)

I’m going to go out on a limb here and speculate that being mentioned possibly in the same sentence as convicted former Ohio Congressman James Traficant, is what sent ‘The Hammer’ rifling through the Republican House Rules book.

The Republican Congress Indictment rule (House Democrats are now considering one) was passed in 1993 to be used as a political wedge against the opposition, in light of recent ethical lapses such as those that brought down the powerful Ways and Means Chairman Rep. Dan Rostenkowski (D-Il). While Democrats and their supporters are held strictly accountable for similar law breaking and indiscretions, even those leading lights of the Conservative movement (Limbaugh, Bennett and O’Reilly) have benefited from a de facto ethics rule change.

What we do know, is that the level of accountability the House Republicans are willing to bear in this matter, equals that of voting them a pay raise. Behind closed doors and by an official but unrecorded voice vote, House Republicans may eventually regard Tom DeLay politically, as the Black community appears to be behaving towards indicted felon, R&B star R. Kelly.

The Right has composed it’s own updated version of that old adage – do as I say, and no, I have never done it any other way before! John McCain can surprisingly join the chorus of those convinced that the CIA is in need of an overdue housecleaning, but when the new Director signals it’s not political payback for leaks aimed at Bush, then follows some high profile and key Agency resignations, to insists loyalty to the President is paramount – well, you get the picture, right?

If documented evidence of Republican exploits to suppress minority voting gets scant attention from the mainstream media, then this is a fading one news cycle story. Along with it goes the attention to the collateral damage and significant political fallout resulting from the assault on Fallujah, and the implications of new allegations against Coalition troops for murdering unarmed Insurgents, will have throughout the world.

Then again, this is Bush America – the old rules no longer apply.

Posted by Bert M. Caradine at November 19, 2004 12:48 PM