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A Whole Lot of Nerve

Taxes. Somebody needs to discuss it, because the Republicans won’t. I can understand standing up for your principles, but not forsaking all others for that one. They don’t want to raise anybody’s taxes. Fine. However, they’ve decided to go on a spending spree in the meantime and get into not one but two wars. To paraphrase Top Gun, The egos of this President and this congress are writing checks our body politic can’t cash. I find it both ironic and galling that our Republican-led government can spend like Paris Hilton and call Democrats the party of big spending.

The most common insult leveled at Democrats is that we are the party that taxes and spends. Truth is, they got the idea for cutting taxes to improve the economy from us. Kennedy did that first. The idea of not putting additional taxes on families during a time of war was ours too, unfortunately. Johnson wanted us to do both Guns and Butter, as the infamous phrase goes and we suffered for that, because the debts caused inflation and hikes in the interest rates. The economic crap we went through in the seventies was in large part the result of that.

It was a Democratic president, under the tax system George W. Bush destroyed, that restored our country to solvency. He had incentive to do that, because none of his programs would pass a Republican congress with deficit spending looming over everything.

But without that same incentive, that same Republican Congress, under a Republican President has ballooned the deficit far above any in our history in actual dollars. Having made many promises and staked their political careers on the promises of lower taxes, this one party government will be the last to slash spending. I part, some portions of this deficit were unavoidable, but other parts, porkbarrel legislation, and programs galore were not.

In the past, congress and the president would tighten the belt during war, maintain or raise taxes to pay for the debts than inevitably come up. As for the economy-

Let's think for a moment. Forty billion dollars of damage, a million jobs lost, a major financial center devastated. That was last time. The reality is, if one of our cities is devastated by a nuclear or chemical weapon, the effects from that will have a far worse effect on the economy than that. So will a interminable debt-financed war. And coming at things from the other side, how will an increasing debt burden make it easier for us to battle the terrorists? We have one of the most powerful economies in the world. We should not be afraid to tap it directly to help us defend the nation that makes it possible.

But you ask, how will that affect middle class folks out there? Truth is, we were doing fine as it was in the nineties. We didn't need Bush's tax cuts. Few people did. We were prosperous, there were bright futures ahead. We have one of the lowest tax rates in the industrialized world.

Truth is, the people who are pushing for this "tax reform" are actually pushing for a "tax return" A return to the sort of taxes that supported us before the Depression. They want their flat taxes, their National Sales Taxes (called Value Added by them), and their light burden on the Rich, because they somehow believe that this is how our greatest economic gains were made.

However, if you look at history, you will see that the most sustained economic booms of Modern times took place in times where taxes were high or moderate. Our lowest economic lows have been in times of excessive deficit spending by the government, times where the Businesses were allowed all the free rein they wanted. Moderate regulation and appropriate taxation are better for the economy than total financial anarchy and deficit-generating tax levels.

In the end, the bills must be paid, As this Republican run government runs rampant in it's spending, raising it's credit by another 800 billion, I think the Republicans out there should take a second look at their received dogma of the issues of taxes. If your representatives aren't going to tighten their belts, you're going to have to ask them to tighten yours instead. If you don't like that, well you have two other choices: watch as the economy stagnates and inflates, or get your representatives to do their duty as fiscal conservatives and stop spending so damn much.

Posted by Stephen Daugherty at November 19, 2004 8:36 AM