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Trapped in Minnesota: A Time Capsule

11/7/1984 – Looking at the results of yesterday’s election, it is hard to escape the conclusion that the Democratic Party will never win another presidential race. The facts are simple and irrefutable: In the Electoral College, Walter Mondale won only Minnesota and the District of Columbia. These are only worth 13 electoral votes, 257 short of what is needed to win the presidency. Is it possible for the Democrat Party to ever get 1977% more electoral college votes than they did this time?

Of course not. As we all know, those 49 states are all “Red States” that rejected the decadent Washington/Minnesota values of the Democratic Party. What fools they were, thinking that they could win without reaching out to the Red States. They were blinded by their own arrogance, thinking that anyone who doesn’t live in Minnesota or the District of Columbia is a fool. Wake up and smell the other 49 states, guys! Not everyone goes ice fishing on the weekend or listens to soul music. We are darn tired of you guys looking down on us! And we notice when Mondale refers to everyone’s local sports team as the Golden Gophers. There’s a whole world out there outside the Blue State that the liberals in the Democratic Party don’t know anything about.

There is a sliver of hope. Maybe some day the Democratic Party will embrace upper-income tax cuts and the sanctity of unborn life. Maybe they will nominate a Cold Warrior in the mold of the late “Scoop” Jackson. Then they might have a shot at 50 to 100 electoral college votes. As it is, they remain trapped in Minnesota and the District of Columbia, the only places where people accept their twisted values.

Posted by Woody Mena at November 10, 2004 9:07 AM