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Divided We Stand

Over the past few days I have been pouring my thoughts, anger, bitterness and cynicism into a ‘manifesto’ of sorts, that I have been posting on my weblog, in four parts. Entitled Divided We Stand, it is not for the faint of heart, profanity-challenged delicate or victorious Bush supporter bearing condolences.

It is not a hand wringing, introspective self-flogging of how and why we Democrats as a party went terribly wrong. It is not a rally cry to organize better, educate further and politic harder. It is not an indictment of party leaders for their failures and miscues, or a call for a re-examination of this movement’s future. It is an unequivocal rejection of the notion that the Democratic Party needs to be more competitive in Southern and border Red States.

It is the recognition and due praise of Bush supporters for effectively utilizing the necessary campaign themes to insure victory. Added praise is warranted for the surprisingly conciliatory tone, a respectful acknowledgement of a hard fought campaign, and unlike their candidate, a genuine call for healing and bi-partisan cooperation.

However, it is also a brutally honest and realistic outlook of what to expect over the next four years of a Bush term. Just because the Bush Majority decided to ignore the dire, yet factual warnings of the Kerry Minority does not make them suddenly no longer applicable.

There are links proving the youth vote did turnout in record numbers, favoring Kerry by at least 60% percent. Responding not to the fear mongering, but to the convincing case made by the Democrats, we take comfort in knowing the coming generation of the American electorate is more of a preferable base in which to build on.

There is also a link detailing how President Bush’s popular vote margin will soon be revised significantly lower, due to the millions of outstanding absentee ballots not yet counted. It will prove injurious to the many blowhard pundits insistence, that his 5 million-vote lead validates his so-called 'mandate' to govern.

In fact, suddenly wary of an approaching Bush supporter with olive branch in hand and whistling a bi-partisan tune, I suddenly realize why they have gone all Dr. Phil on us, the previously traitorous Liberals. A Bush Majority based in part on fear, ignorance and intolerance as a recruitment tool, may not weather the difficulties ahead.

So, smug Bush supporters should think first before ridiculing those Americans who have already inquired about a move to Canada, or deciding if denigrating our main Coalition partner for it’s response to Bush’s re-election is worth injuring his ‘mandate’.

Bush’s victory validates everything I feared about the American people, but not the Constitutional democracy we fail to live up to. I will have no part of this Bush America and will bear no responsibility for the actions it takes.

Posted by Bert M. Caradine at November 8, 2004 9:45 PM