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Take Us To Our Leader

I just sent the following email to my Democratic Senators:

Dear Senator,

Senator Harry Reid is not the person to lead the Democratic Party in the Senate.

Senator Reid is a conservative Democrat who is best known for his "conciliatory tone in the often contentious relationship between the two parties." That is not what America needs right now. The Democratic Party does not serve Americans if its leadership swings to the right. We do not need a second Republican Party.

Democrats do not need a Senate leader who will help Republican legislators dismantle Social Security, who will endanger women's lives by helping Republicans make abortion a legal issue, rather than a medical issue, and who will help Republicans advance their irresponsible fiscal policies at the expense of working families and the war on terrorism.

Democrats need a vibrant and principled leader in the Senate. We need someone who will clearly articulate our progressive, working-class agenda, who will fight fiercely for it in the face of a hostile majority, and who will create and use a bully pulpit to inspire and mobilize the tens of millions of Americans who believe that our Republican leaders are taking this country down the wrong path.

Certainly, we must rally together to fight terrorism, but we must not capitulate or waver on our principles. And even in the war on terror, we must not be afraid to speak out strongly when President Bush and the Republican-controlled Congress make poor decisions or fail to make plans, as they've done too many times in the last four years.

When choosing our Senate Minority Leader, I strongly urge you not to fall back on "business as usual" criteria like seniority or the ability to get along with Republican lawmakers. Make your choice based on the ability to clearly articulate Democratic principles and goals, to energize public support for those goals, and to effectively lead the Democratic Party toward achieving those goals.

Very, very sincerely,

Lee Waggoner

If you feel the same way, you may want to pass the message along to your Democratic Senator. If you are unfortunate enough to live in a state with no Democratic representation in the Senate, just pick one.

Posted by American Pundit at November 5, 2004 6:49 AM