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To Conservative Christians

I am a Christian by birth first, and choice second, an Agnostic and former Atheist baptized in the church, who went to a conservative Baptist School, and came out a Liberal Catholic. I’m a person who still cringes when the pious ask if people have let Jesus into their hearts, but who believes nonetheless in the power of the Father, the Son, and the Holy spirit, and any number of other things. I no longer can listen to someone badmouth Christianity without feeling uncomfortable, but neither am I comfortable with the imposition of Religion on politics. It is on that issue, I wish to write you.

Abortion is a touchy subject. My life experience has had me on both sides of the issue. I do believe abortion is the death of an innocent, and an abrogation of the responsibility of a life-giving parent. Why didn't I side with Bush?

Because Bush makes the mistake of thinking this nation, or any other nation can be more of God than man.

American is a Greco-Roman Republic at its heart. Religion is a central issue of her politics and her culture, but America is not governed by a religious charter, and it's make up has never been completely Christian much less protestant.

It is right to seek out justice for the unborn. But two things must be acknowledge: That we seek that justice in a world where our worldview is not dominant, and where other issues, both external and internal to the matter, must be brought into balance as well.

By that, I mean that there are principles of law that must be preserved to prevent other injustices, and that other moral issues must be considered when weighing the moral character of a decision. That does not mean compromise on abortion, but instead a resistance to the political pressure to reduce all questions of morality in a campaign to Abortion and Gay Marriage.

In my view, it is useless to defend the lives of the unborn, if we are all too willing to execute the living. It is useless to defend the lives of the unborn, if we allow a president to take us to war to kill and be killed on false pretense. It is useless to defend the lives of the unborn, if corporate greed will force them into lives of despair and poverty that will encourage them to take the lives of their unborn.

Life cannot simply be defended while it is nestled in a mother's womb, but must be defended right up to the point that our Lord takes the matter from our hands.

And it won't always be simple. Embryonic Stem Cell Research is a big issue. I would support it, based on the use of otherwise soon to be destroyed embryos from fertility treatments. To me, that is no different than organ and tissue donation, taking a life otherwise cut short and giving new lives to others through it.

At all times, we must be aware that if we are not consistent, people will rightly think us hypocritical for our stands. In being the party of life, the Republicans should ask themselves when that life starts becoming valuable, and come up with answers that are not restricted to 9 months out of 75 years.

Posted by Stephen Daugherty at November 3, 2004 9:22 PM