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We Must Welcome Scrutiny

So John Kerry has done the noble thing for the good of the country and conceded this election. But that does not mean we should abandon due diligence and not investigate the suggestion that an outright fraud has been perpetrated in the counting of the vote specifically in those jurisdictions where electronic voting machines eliminate the possibility of a paper trail.

Without any personal knowledge that these claims are true, I have no wish to impugn anyone prematurely. Statistics, however, should be used to evaluate the differences between exit polling and the actual poll vote count on a county by county basis - not only in Ohio, but nationally. If it is found that these differences in counties where a vote tabulation system which provides a paper trail are randomly distributed about the mean, but the differences in counties with particular electronic systems show a consistent pattern of being weighted toward one candidate or party, then we all should be interested if the deviation falls outside of a believable range. I hope that the exit polling data is good enough that this can be looked at dispassionately. We all deserve to know whether or not we have fair elections.

Posted by Walker Willingham at November 3, 2004 6:14 PM