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Decision That Will Affect Our Nation LONG-TERM

“The Sting”
America, On Its Way To Civil War?
Here our nation is again having to decide whether to [re]elect a president and vice president. After stating they would unite our nation George W. Bush and Dick Cheney have accomplished only one long-lasting thing.

That being to exacerbate a divide so deep that our nation is closer to civil war than it has been in over 140 years. A divide now ingrained and incapable of being resolved by Bush/Cheney, solely due to the intentional "Nazification of American Politics" as clearly engineered by this president, vice president, and their campaign staff; "Down the Rove to Nowhere" fast.

So has America overcome the mesmerizing affects of psychological warfare. Warfare tactics not belonging to Osama Bin Laden, but tactics belonging to the Republican right-wing fringe. Will America see through and beyond the political advertisements, and recognize that the TRUE WOLVES are sitting in the West Wing right now. Wolves far more dangerous to American civilization and civility than anything Bin Laden could dream of. Yes, Bin Laden does want to destroy America. Under Bush/Cheney, America will self-destruct from foreign to domestic policies.

Bush/Cheney clamored for months now that Senator John F. Kerry is a far left-wing liberal. In fact, there has never been in recent memory any democratic presidential nominee that has not been labeled "liberal". The CON job is that anything left of the far right-wing fringe, is now a "liberal".

Does America SEE THE CON JOB? Has America AWAKENED FROM THE CON JOB? Will America be TAKEN BY "THE STING" ... again?

The other day George W. Bush said it boils down to "Who do you trust?". America now has to decide. Do you trust more (or less) a democrat who is not ashamed to stand up for his positions and beliefs, even if some of his positions are what can be considered, liberal. Or, do you trust more (or less) a republican who has lied to our faces almost every day he has been in office (Forensic Criminology and Psycho Pathology Back Impeachment); who lied to our nation and ordered the fabrication, and intentional misinterpretation of intelligence to push our nation into a war of personal revenge ... now morphed into a broader "liberty" war; who cannot hold his own in a debate without memorizing each sentence, and merely recites the same verbiage time and time again; who cannot give a speech without a three-ringer binder of 'cue cards' (Cue Cards and Puppet Master Bush); who cries that Senator Kerry does not support our troops while at the same time has allowed 20 months to lapse and still fails to provide enough armored vehicles, armored breastplates, ammunition, and radios to our troops in the field; who was once a drunk & drug addict and now exhibits drug-induced brain damage; who is Taking Anti-Depressants to Control Mood Swings.

This may be the most horrendous aspect of our current election cycle. Why are George W. Bush and Dick Cheney still 'in the race' given their factual negatives. And by the way, what basis in fact makes anyone who has some positions that are considered "liberal"... bad or not fit for office, or incapable of leading this nation. If we are a nation whose strength derives from its diverse population, then our nation NEEDS to have representation and leadership from ALL POLITICAL AFFILIATIONS. Otherwise we end up with the "Nazification of American Politics". Uh, that's right. That is exactly where the republicans want to take this nation. Everyone thinking and doing as they are supposed to do, and acting un-American... according to the "Book of Rove".

Does America continue "Down the Rove to Nowhere", to civil war if not a new American revolution? Or, does America wake up in time, get over the political nightmare of the past four years, and get on with the democracy. Does America turn away from democracy and get sucked into Nazification, or does America break free.

Our position is that Senator John F. Kerry is far from perfect. Far from perfect. But Senator Kerry is NOT that long-term danger to American strength through diversity, American culture and civilization as we see in George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Four more years of Bush/Cheney is exactly what Osama Bin Laden needs; they are Bin Laden's "Meal Ticket" (Why Bin Laden Needs Bush). Four more years of Bush/Cheney will almost 'seal the deal' in pushing America into their next civil war if not revolution; just as America was pushed into the Iraq War. The difference though is that the next American civil or revolutionary war will be based upon truth and facts, not fiction.

Posted by Bruce R. Senator at November 1, 2004 11:48 AM