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Eating Our Young

I’ll be upfront with you Republicans out there and tell you it’s 60 Minutes that’s running the story I’m basing this post on. But good lord, this shouldn’t be a partisan issue. There are soldiers dying, equipment breaking down so that the parade grounds on a decommissioned base can be maintained, among other absurd reasons. Nearly a year after a bill was passed, a bill George Bush raked Kerry over the coals for voting against, our soldiers are dying for want of armor.

I'm not that emotional of a person. I've been described as having a blunt affect. I've only cried at maybe three movies in my entire life. So it's rare that I viscerally respond to things.

This report made me feel ill. It's criminal the way this military has been used and abused. I come from the family of a proud military veteran, and it's this kind of thing he's been writing to congress about for the last few months.

Short on radios, short on ammunition, Armor kits that can't protect the most vulnerable part of a vehicle- how does the Bush administration expect people to fight, much less win, a war under these conditions?

Bush had the chance, given his power, to tell the special interests, the pork-barrel parasites, and the Ivory Tower folks at Club for Growth that this war and our soldiers came first, not their September Tenth sensibilities about the world. He could have used that rusty old veto pen of his and made sure than any bill that deprived soldiers of the necessary equipment, maintenance and machinery died a quick and sure death.

But Bush, I don't think he knows how, or knows enough to say no to these people. I don't think he has the will to depart from a failed strategy, to push the bureaucracy into doing the right things. I don't think he can do anything or get anywhere without delegating things to those people who have vested interests.

This mess we're in isn't going to get better with him president, I guarantee you that.

Posted by Stephen Daugherty at October 31, 2004 9:30 PM