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Dear Bush Supporter

Dear Bush Supporter,

There are only two more days before the election and I have one request to make before you pull that lever, punch that card, push that button or touch that screen. Please, please, please just think it over one last time.

I have often discussed what I think you are thinking with fellow democrats. They often conclude that you are all a bunch of knuckleheads. I think they are wrong, although I must admit that I have traveled that path before.

I think you love this country. I think you believe in the "culture of life" the President talks about. I think you want a strong, resolute leader that will protect us from the unknown, shield us from lurking wolves, and guard against moral decay.

I think you believe that President Bush is this leader. I also believe you are most horribly mistaken. However, listening to my reasons will not change your mind at this late date. Instead, for the sake of this country that you love, take one last look at your own beliefs and compare them to the facts.

Does killing 100,000 Iraqis make us safer and promote that "culture of life"? Perhaps having more and more Americans lose their health insurance and slip into poverty might actually cause more abortions.

Did Bush meet your expectations of how a Commander-in-chief should behave on 9/11? Did you just continue what you were doing after finding out about the second plane crashing?

Is never admitting you are wrong a sign of strength or weakness?

Has the President done a good job allocating and directing the resources of the country to meet all of the threats the country faces?

Can you really consider it a tax cut when your share of the deficit went up by more than twice the average "cut"?

Should a President lead us to war when he does not know all the facts? Should he stop trying to learn the facts after he goes into the war? Did Bush know all the facts?

Do you feel that the environment should be sacrificed for short-term corporate profits?

Ask yourself these questions before you vote next Tuesday, and vote for the future of our country. In addition, if it helps, just remember, the House and the Senate will still be under Republican control, and they will be watching Kerry like a hawk and will once again exercise their powers. America always seems to do better with divided government.

Thank you for your time, and your thinking.

Posted by Al Maline at October 30, 2004 5:41 PM