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A Message Back To Bin Laden

Mr. Bin Laden, you can take your kind of security and go to whatever level of hell you most deserve. I think every American who reads this feels that whatever we have done in this world, good or bad, Neither God nor any decent spirit within mankind sanctions the murder of innocent people.

You have not paid back the sins of those who killed innocent people in Lebanon, you have only repeated them, repeated them and dishonored those who died by your vicious, murderous acts.

America is not a land of perfect people, with perfect morality and perfect history. We are inextricably human. It is true that our leader has mislead us. But without your acts, nobody would have taken him seriously. It was our anger kindled against you by that murderous act of yours that sent us to Iraq. We were only convinced to go after Saddam, after all his tricks and machinations after our president linked him to you and yours. If the innocent suffer there, it is because of the blood you spilled in our lands, which cried out for vengeance against you.

It is America's business what he was reading when the planes you hijacked ran into the building, our business how long he tarried on his publicity event. America's business. None of those things would matter, were it not for my country's thirst for vengeance against you. What my countrymen decide now is who best to oppose you. Some would pick our leader right now, believing he is committed to your downfall. Some would pick Kerry, believing he is equally committed, and much more capable.

My hopes have been made clear, through the months and years since 9/11. Before you look at us now and smile at the mistakes our country has made, know this: We American's sing a national anthem whose subject is a battle in a war we barely survived as a nation. The war of 1812 nearly meant our end as a nation- even our capitol was burnt, with the executive mansion painted white to cover the fire damage. But almost 200 years later, we are still alive as a nation.

If you look at any other country in the world, practically all of them exist with borders and governments younger than ours, though their history as lands may be older. We are the oldest functioning Democracy on the face of the Earth. We have outlasted many tyrants. We have outlasted European powers, and outlasted the Communists you once fought in Afghanistan. We are not a pure nation by any standard of race or religion, but that is our strength. The mix of metals in the steel of a sword give it great strength. The alloy of our people's and faiths give us ours. For every Muslim you count among your armies, there are a thousand in our country who denounce your crimes and seek God's justice against you.

And God's justice it is. You are a terrible fool, or an obnoxious liar, if you believe the Koran justifies your terrorist ways. Allah, through his prophet Muhammed has told you that acts of terrorism, much less those committed against Women, children, old men, and men not given the chance to fight or surrender, are sinful. Have you not ears to listen to the words of God?

My nation is in the forge right now, the buffets coming down on both sides of the blade. The metal glows red with anger. In a few days, the metal will be quenched and the steel hardened. The blade that comes of that forging will have two edges, and should one dull, the other edge will remain. If that sword should be broken, you should not rejoice, because America will use whatever edge remains, even beat you with the pommel if that is all that remains.

You have chosen your enemy poorly, Osama Bin Laden. You have chosen your words even more poorly.

Posted by Stephen Daugherty at October 29, 2004 11:26 PM