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NAACP or The Catholic Church

Right or Left you ought to be able to answer a question fairly in the privacy of your own mind. Do you believe that the Catholic Church is attempting to alter the votes of its parishioners? Note that the question is not do you believe that they should or should not be allowed to do so. The question I am posing is merely are they trying to affect the votes of their members? If you answered that question in the affirmative then their tax exempt status should be “Evaluated” by the IRS. Instead the IRS is going after the NAACP.

Now if I were picking an organization to tax, the Catholic Church would be on the top of my list. If you were to review the property lists of our major cities the Catholic Church would be the biggest landlord in many of them. Many of the bishops, the rulers of their Dioceses, have said in their sermons and writings that a vote for John Kerry will propel you to hell. If I were in charge of the IRS that might make me believe that the tax-exempt status of the Catholic Church was due for a review. Instead, they have chosen to investigate the NAACP. Need I say the words? “Racist Politics,” there I have said them.

Race and Religion, they are the two greatest dividing issues in American history. Not so? Take a walk through Watts at eleven o’clock on a Saturday night if you’re white, and then tell me that, if you can still talk. Or if you’re black try jogging through the vanilla suburbs on any one of our major cities around dusk without raising a visit by the local police. We have not yet fought a war over religion here in this nation. But the Civil War was certainly at least partly about race unless my history books are bearing false witness.

As for religion, the dividing lines are now being immortalized in literature, if you can call it that. To me it largely reads like lurid pulp fiction from the thirties and forties. I was looking for a book store the other day in an unfamiliar town. The first two I found by cruising the streets had no Hemingway but lots of biblical stories. The fiction section was dominated by the series about the “Coming Rapture” and how the saved are separated from the rest of us. I wonder if the Bishops, who know God’s will regarding the Kerry run for the Presidency, actually read those books?

In any case it is clear that the IRS is dedicated to doing its job fully only in the one case where they could find a tax-exempt organization that didn’t support Bush in this election. I think Julian Bond may have uttered words that indicate his dissatisfaction with this Administration. On the other hand the impact of the bishop’s proclamation on this election will be far heavier than any possible words spoken in a speech by any secular figure.

I am not crying out for a fair and balanced election or whining about the unfairness of it all. My side will get its turn at bat, possibly after this election, and we do know how to play this game too. We have never let go of Chicago, for instance, and Boston is still Democratic in the wards as is NY City. We own LA and are making inroads in Miami, even in the Cuban neighborhoods. We will win an election soon, and when we do the invulnerable today will be crying foul and unfair. I can wait.

The Bishops who presided over the worst scandal in recent history regarding a ministry, the sex abuse scandal among the priesthood are not going to be happy when we take back the White House and Congress. I will work very hard to see to it that election tampering by tax-exempt organizations is very closely monitored by an independent organization set up for that purpose. So will some of my friends who think the idiot bishops have finally given us a means of curbing organized religion’s excesses in our electoral politics that have become so prevalent during the recent past.

Remand your souls to God you manipulating priests, the tax revenues will belong to our Republic, and they will be sweet indeed. May God’s unlimited love keep all of you safe as you vote for whomever you chose, in the integrity of your own being. It is your conscience and your relationship to God that is going to define what happens to your soul in life, and after death, it is not the bishop’s choice to make, even there they have got it wrong. ©Henri Reynard/GoldenBrush Interactive

Posted by Henri Reynard at October 29, 2004 1:19 PM