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Kerry Correct On Weapons Issue

Senator Kerry lambasted President Bush regarding the issue of missing weapons from the al Qaqaa facility. The opposition contends there is no evidence anything was ever taken from this major depot. Let us review this subject, for any open-minded review gives great credence to ALL PERSONS lambasting this administration over clear-cut failure in policy, strategies & tactics. Now George W. Bush and Dick Cheney “can run, but can’t hide”.

We know Bush/Cheney publicly admonished General Shinseki upon his public calling for at least 250,000 troops to secure the nation upon initial victory.

We know that Saddam Hussein's army was defanged and substantially weakened after the 1991 Gulf War. Furthermore, in the subsequent decade, with sanctions Hussein was not able to reconstitute nor service the weapons systems still intact. This includes most heavy equipment, in addition to airplanes, radar, etc. Most was a patchwork. Still though, one thing Saddam had a lot of were artillery shells, mortars, rocket propelled grenades, anti-aircraft shells, etc.

We know
that with the quick capitulation in the 1991 Gulf War, that in no manner whatever was there going to be any serious contention to stop the American (uh, allied) advance to defeat Saddam's 'armies' (if you can call them that) in this manufactured "Liberty War".

We know that prior to embarking on this "Liberty War", this president, vice president, and their administration were told straight-up that opposition forces would wilt away from direct confrontation to take up guerrilla warfare. Uh, much of this came from European countries of which president Bush and vice president Cheney openly castigated.

We know that with the quick defeat of Saddam's 'armies' in this "Liberty War", allied troops found dozens of major, along with hundreds of lesser weapons and munitions dumps.

We know that allied troops openly called immediately for additional support just to secure these 'terrorist goldmines' until the stockpiles could be inspected, defused, and destroyed.

We know this was denied directly by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld at the direct order of president George W. Bush and vice president Dick Cheney.

We know shortly thereafter Iraqis were actually interviewed as they opened up caskets of nuclear 'cake', emptying them out on the ground and using the containers as water barrels.

We know shortly thereafter weapons and munitions dumps were shown without guard. People stripped off everything from the weapons to the sheet metal used on the buildings.

We know shortly thereafter dozens of car and truck bombs, some so strong they destroyed entire buildings (United Nations, etc) were being used throughout Iraq. We have seen the continued use of "improvised explosive devices" (I.E.D.s), put together with gaffer's tape, electrical wire, 9-volt batters, and an assortment of kitchen timers.

Now, where have these Iraqi opposition forces and outside insurgents obtained their tons and tons and tons of weapons and munitions? No, they are not moving those massive amounts across the borders ... even with the failure of Bush/Cheney to secure them.

These massive caches of weapons and munitions came directly from Saddam Hussein. For besides the massive amounts of ungodly wealth he bestowed upon himself and his family, he held onto power via the combination of brute force and threat of such.

Had Bush/Cheney LISTENED to the advice of the European nations: a) We would not have 'rushed to war' with Saddam, and most probably have pretty much finished off Al Qaeda to the point where they could not have effectively reconstituted and re-networked as has now occurred; b) When we went to war we would have put in place additional troops with the sole duty to secure the borders ... and secure the massive and country-wide caches of weapons and munitions; ... and most importantly, c) By doing the above the ability to wage an effective guerilla uprising would have been muted because they would not have had these 'tools' to carry out the attacks.

In other words, had Bush/Cheney acted prudently and competently, and put in sufficient troops in the beginning ... or quickly rushed in troops when needed instead of always holding back, we could have 'dried up the river of weapons and munitions' at the outset; the seed of militarized opposition would never have taken root.

Therefore, Senator Kerry is absolutely correct in lambasting George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and their entire administration. For had they acted prudently and competently, the Iraqi opposition and insurgency would have been so weak, the nation would have had a great leg up on becoming re-stabilized. Furthermore, our American and the allied troops would never have faced the daily barrage of lethal attacks they have had to endure. Had to endure because this administration WAS TO VAIN TO ADMIT THEIR MISTAKES. To vain over our dead bodies; our dear troops dead bodies.

So it is not just Senator Kerry who should stand tall and lambaste this president, vice president, and administration, but ALL AMERICANS.

Posted by Bruce R. Senator at October 29, 2004 5:34 AM