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The 'Nazification' of American Politics

Invoking Inalienable Rights To Defend Liberty

WE THE PEOPLE, those words so demonstrative in beginning the American Constitution are preceded and superceded by words even more powerful; WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS TO BE SELF-EVIDENT, from the American Declaration of Independence.

Throughout this nation's history we have fought long and hard to sustain our way of life via democracy. This has been attainable due to an inherent nature to cull diversity. However, in the past twenty or so years we have seen this nation's fabric strained, not by default but by design.

We have seen republican party machinations lead to changes in federal telecommunications laws providing their party's ideological supporters unfair advantage to 'buy into' an overwhelming array of 'weapons' via the airwaves. We have seen new networks come into being with the sole purpose of purveying a 'right wing, fringe' mentality and methodology of portraying (or misportraying) news, as newsworthy; e.g. Fox Network, Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Recently we all saw news anchor and commentator Dan Rather skewered, and rightfully so, for rushing to put forth a claim which was not properly vetted for accuracy. But for all the rhetoric about the shortcomings and errors of this newsman in general and other media networks, the real fiasco rests with the daily barrage of a political-pimping of misinformation in the guise of 'news' and 'facts' by a few powerful media conglomerates; new kids on the block who are 'playing bully' with peoples' minds and undermining the fabric of our democracy. In fact, these networks should not even be licensed as "media", but "political action committees".

We all saw the zealous attributes of extremism during the Republican National Convention. And NO, while George W. Bush claimed 'NO Joy' regarding the Swift-Vet issues, since all speakers and speeches were fully vetted, this sitting president knew full well and good that the Nazification of American Politics was THE AGENDA at the Republican National Convention.

We have now seen in the past few weeks psychological methods used by political tacticians in support of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and the republican right-wing fringe which include incessant interruptions to break off the statements, comments, and positions taken by their counterparts on the democratic side. These are very similar to tactics utilized in Nazi Germany and other nations leaning towards authoritarian mentality.

THIS IS THE MAJOR ISSUE CONFRONTING AMERICA, and AMERICANS THIS DECADE. More than global terrorism. More than Saddam Hussein. There is one thing undermining this nation's fabric, unwinding the stabilizing forces which enable democracy to flourish. That being the unending assault on the free will of people to make competent decisions based on the free flow of factual information.

Our nation is not free at this point in time. Our democracy is in jeopardy of being undermined to the point of no return. It may already have crossed that point, that line. If that point is determined to have been met, even by individuals or minority groups, the right to take up arms is ever present. This nation was born by the sword, the musket to be exact. This nation has not had a true civil war in some 150 years. We are very close to entering a new phase which could lead directly to civil war, and general hostilities.

If the right-wing fringe thinks that they will be allowed to continue in their unending assault upon the fabric of democracy, they are dead wrong. Dead wrong. They can be stopped, and if need be, will be stopped in their tracks. If civil war is necessary to end the Nazification of American Politics by the right-wing fringe, then THE PEOPLE, as in each individual one-at-a-time, have that inalienable right.

Posted by Bruce R. Senator at October 27, 2004 5:18 AM