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Cue Cards & PuppetMaster Bush

We have watched George W. Bush for some eight years now. We have watched the Republican machinery, more closely, for some twenty years now. In both instances, after they get into office the promises turn into a house of cards. Now we find that without cue card support, George W. Bush cannot stand on his own. Take away his cue cards from the podium, and president Bush is generally lost without direction.

We saw the same thing in the three presidential debates. He had only a small ability to focus on a narrow range of memorized verbiage, slogans, clichés; the "Cliché Presidency" of "Bumper Sticker Diplomacy". We ask ourselves, if George W. Bush could not even hold a competent discussion with Senator John F. Kerry on any issue, how could George W. Bush truly understand, tackle, and have any opportunity to solve to truly complex issues of our world, our time? How?

It does not matter if George W. Bush is termed a more forceful "leader". He still lacks 'LEADERSHIP SKILLS'. And for all his bullheadedness, his and Dick Cheney's 'leading' of this nation has for all intents and purposes been one fiasco after another; one lie after another, and another, and another; pathologically. (Please See Forensic Psychology Backs Impeachment.)

Just like another four years of Bush/Cheney will be more of the same ... from crisis to crisis, from war to war. Why? Because without crisis, without war there would be no reason whatever to even consider another Bush/Cheney or Bush/Anybody presidency, let alone the positions taken by their party (more so the behind-the-scenes REAL REPUBLICAN PARTY PLATFORM... after the election).

This nation of ours lives for peace. We are not a nation that lives for war. YES, we must seek out, confront, engage, and defeat militarized terrorists. But that must be done with force, tact, and skill. The only capability we see from Bush/Cheney, is force. Tact and skill are absent. AMERICA cannot tolerate the degradation of our long-term security... along with our long-term respect, through another four years of "Blindsight".

Islamic terrorists want George W. Bush to win another term. Why? Because they know with Bush/Cheney in power they will be locked into a struggle that will lead to further demise of American foreign policy, and long-term security. The Iraq War ... and the 'morphed' "liberty war" will take so much effort with American military and intelligence resources stretched thin, REAL GLOBAL TERRORIST NETWORKS have now reconstituted, re-networked, and are planning ever so diligently to fight another day; more dangerous than ever. Why? Because they learned from their failures, and from the KEY FAILURE of Bush/Cheney. Kill the enemy that wants to kill you at all costs, without deviation. If you wink one bit, you are dead. Now Osama Bin Laden, Al-Zawahiri and others are preparing on a much grander scale. BAD FOR AMERICA. BAD FOR THE WORLD.

From Iran, to Iraq, to Turkey, to Jordan, to Syria, to Saudi Arabia and elsewhere, Islamic fundamentalists are licking their chops. Iraq, never a focal point for Islamic extremism, is now THE FOCAL POINT... RIGHT IN THE CENTER OF THE MIDDLE-EAST. Islamic fundamentalists are pouring in, gaining experience, then taking that experience back home to destabilize other nations; nations that have enough difficulty in just maintaining a course of moderation.

Instead of destroying Al Qaeda, destroying its ability to reconstitute, re-network, and fight another day, this president, vice president, and their entire administration took their eye off the ball and went after a manufactured lie; Saddam Hussein. The world would have stayed with America had we confronted and destroyed global terrorists and their networks. Had this administration done so and later looked at Iraq... appropriately as a moral obligation, the ability of global terrorist networks and their state-sponsors to undermine the removal of Saddam Hussein and his political party, to undermine the re-stabilization of Iraq, would have been fundamentally weakened. America would have had worldwide support because the removal of Saddam Hussein would have been based upon 'moral truths' and not on 'outright lies'.

Think about it. Another four years of an entire administration that is "Boxed-In" mentally, unable to see or work outside their box. But the world is not within these very narrow and rigid mental parameters or psychological constraints. The world is not black and white. It is a world of brilliant colors and shades of gray, in conflict at times with shadows of despair.

AMERICA NEEDS A 'THINKING' PRESIDENT. THE WORLD NEEDS A THINKING AMERICAN PRESIDENT. Neither America nor the world needs a president or vice president who lie pathologically. Pathological liars are drawn to each other. Just as George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were drawn to Saddam Hussein. All three ended up being a danger to their people, in the long term.

Take away the cue cards from George W. Bush and his house of cards falls. Think back to his overall weakness in the three debates. Think about his recycling of the same verbiage, memorized from cue cards. Think about his speaking from turned pages of cue cards on the campaign trail podium. Does America need a cue card president who is a pathological liar; one who cannot stand and make his own arguments to support a position.

George W. Bush is NO Ronald Reagan. President Reagan could write and argue his own positions. Ronald Reagan did not lean on cue cards. Ronald Reagan was decent and moral enough to stand tall, admit mistakes, and apologize (Iran-Contra). Neither George W. Bush nor Dick Cheney can light a candle before the memory of Ronald Reagan. And for the record, it is about time the Republican party CEASE extolling their party's political leaders as 'idols'. For a party that claims (unmeritoriously) to having a stronger mantle on morality, remember, in God's eyes idol worshipping is a sin. Go forth republicans and sin no more. Cease the misguided idol worshipping of mere mortals.

Senator John F. Kerry is not as 'bullheaded' as George W. Bush. However, Senator Kerry will bring LEADERSHIP SKILLS and at least a modicum of RESPECT to the office of the presidency. Something this nation has not had in four, LONG years. It is time for a change, because four more years does mean four more years of more of the same. America does not need that. The world does not need that. CHANGE IS GOOD.

Posted by Bruce R. Senator at October 26, 2004 2:34 AM