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Be Hopeful, Be Very Hopeful

The only payoff to the Bush campaign’s sudden lurch into a Fear Factor campaign theme mode, would be an election season finale cameo by those ‘enemies of freedom’ hell-bent on either electing John Kerry, disrupting the Nov. 2 vote and/or reinforcing the President’s war on terrorism cred’. When Reagan’s ‘Bear In the Woods’ ad debut, America was still in the grips of the worry, fear and frustration over the prolonged Iran Hostage Crisis.

This was not an act of a Cold War enemy, whose action may have been anticipated, if not given us more alternatives to diffusing or retaliating. The new Bush ad ‘Wolves’ would’ve been more pivotal, if the President was asking for a second term in the immediate wake of 9/11. Yet ironically, the new ad would’ve been very valuable at the time, in convincing this nation (and probably the world) to make enormous sacrifices to effectively confront terrorism. However, the President’s failure to ask for that sacrifice signaled the first miss-step of his tenure, soon to be riddled with even more.

Although, a U.S. Intelligence report has revised the number of Iraq insurgents upwards, and the number of attacks on Coalition soldiers has risen to 90 a day, the Bush cyber apologists fear our Nov. 2nd election to be the one in greater jeopardy. They have taken to accusing the Democrats of attempting to steal the election, citing many reports of fraud, yet providing no sourced links to back up such assertions. ‘Some people have said…’ that George Soros has been caught trading money for votes in other countries, is a good example. Other than sporadic irregularities and voting machine glitches, the boldest act of malfeasance comes from a Republican connected group, accused of fraud in several states.

But, again the news media deserves credit for whipping so few accounts of errors, into a frenzy of fear and ultimately a republic in anarchy, as the ‘disenfranchised voter’ has now become the new ‘security mom’. Why would the campaigns already have in place hundreds of lawyers, if there were not a good chance we’ll see a repeat of Florida 2000? Such anxious voters would be ideal prey for a Bush/Cheney stump speech/soundbite only a Hunter S. Thompson could appreciate. Unfortunately, they are not showing up on the GOP’s radar, but are erroneously showing up on Jeb Bush’s felon list.

Hopefully, before one of the WatchBlog Red Column editors get a hold of this story from Ohio, I can give you the non-hysterical, conspiracy theory-challenged account, which details valid concerns. Apparently, various Democratic groups have registered more than 600,000 new voters in the mother of all battleground states, and so far, the state Republicans have been able to challenge (legitimately) only 35,000 of those new registrants.

Only by tearing down John Kerry and sufficiently scaring the electorate, can George Bush win this election. But, hopefully it is the unseen factors (new voters, undercounted minorities and young adults with cell phones), that are scaring BC04. I heard somewhere that King Karl believes Bush needs a 4% percent lead on election eve, to have a chance.

The Kerry camp plans to counter with an upbeat, positive message by pulling out the party big guns to pump up the base, but with an added emphasis on women voters. Now, thrown into the mix is the rapidly spreading rumor that hints there might be a significant announcement when the ‘Comeback Kid’ President Bill Clinton stumps with Kerry in Philadelphia, on Monday.

Question is, what is America now in the mood for?

Posted by Bert M. Caradine at October 24, 2004 1:31 AM