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Suppress The Vote

Pollster John Zogby recently predicted a win for John Kerry. According to him, the undecideds favor Kerry, as do the flood of new voters whom the Bush administration has mobilized - to vote them out of office. Zogby recently told reporters, “While Mr Kerry would want the ‘undecideds’ to vote, Mr Bush would want the very opposite.”

Zogby is obviously correct. The Ohio Republican Party is trying to invalidate 35,000 new voter registrations. They're also sending election "observers" to nearly 8,000 precincts. On election day, Republican operatives will take advantage of an old, little-used law that allows them to directly challenge Ohio voters at the polls, accusing them of being ineligible to vote.

In another attempt to suppress the vote, GOP funded Sproul & Associates has been systematically destroying Democrat's voter registration forms. The company has run registration drives nation wide under different names. The company's owner, Nathan Sproul, was the head of Arizona's Republican Party.

It's very easy to call or email your local election office to verify that you're registered. If it wasn't important, they wouldn't be trying to stop you.

Posted by American Pundit at October 23, 2004 10:38 AM