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We MUST Fight Terrorists in Iraq or They Will Come Here?

Of all the inarticulate inept arguments that one is layered like a cyanide frosted wedding cake with misconceptions and unneeded death. First of all we did not have to go to Iraq; this President chose to take us there. Not even historians will know why for sure. Those real reasons, like so much about this Administration, are hidden in the constant barrage of misdirection and spin. The level of spin surrounding everything done in the White House since Clinton left is amazing and disgusting.

It is amazing because W tries so hard to appear to be a simple clear thinking man. It is disgusting because it does nothing but obscure the real actions and failures of this Administration, I will try to deal with just one small area of misdirection that has been successful, the issue of fighting the terrorists there because otherwise we will have to fight them here. First of all, outside of Afghanistan, it is the terrorists who have chosen when and where to engage with us, not the other way around. From 9/11 2001 to today the only time we actually attacked the terrorists was in Afghanistan. There were virtually no terrorists in territories controlled by Saddam when we attacked Iraq. We still don’t know if Zarakawai is in Iraq or directing part of the action from outside that nation.

We really don’t have the address of any of the major terrorist leaders today like we did when they were in Afghanistan trapped at Tora Bora. We are fighting men who were not a part of any terrorist organization before we invaded Iraq, our own intelligence agencies are telling us that. The terrorists who will attack us here the next time we are attacked are not fighting us in Iraq! They are resting somewhere where we will not bother them until they choose to strike. That is why terrorism is an effective strategy, because the terrorists get to choose when and where they attack. The illusion that we can force them to fight us by attacking somewhere that they are not is so absurd as to become a successful one, because no one really looks at the hand where the action really is taking place.

Of course they will send raw recruits to fight us in Iraq, and suicide bombers, but the trained penetration teams do not have to go there they can use the disenfranchised locals. If there are Al Queda cells in the USA do you think they are catching planes for Iraq? This string of absurdity is cut in so many places that even Harry Houdini couldn’t put it back together again. First the premise that terrorists engaged us in Iraq because they were afraid of a democratic state developing there is silly. They would love nothing more than a true democracy in Iraq, it would be a Shiite democracy with its roots buried deep in Islam. Why wouldn’t they want that? It’s the first step toward what they are fighting for, an Islamic society founded on Islamic law.

Their Caliphate flows from free elections in Iraq much faster than from civil war and chaos. They simply do not believe that we intend to allow Iraq self-determination any time soon. They are quite obviously right. Look at the laws our occupation has saddled Iraq with related to their own industrial base. Our companies are trying to take over running all of the major industries there. That is one reason the insurgency is so well supported. Their nation has been trading with the world long before the time of Christ, so you think that they can’t tell when they are being taken for a batch of rubes?

The real statement of the case about our presence in Iraq is based on the fact that we have helped the real terrorists’ recruiting efforts immensely by not concentrating on Afghanistan and entering Iraq. They have volunteer suicide bombers enough drawn from the Iraqi people, but they can now choose from people in any of the Islamic nations, even those ostensibly friendly to us. It was no accident of fate that so many of the people who carried out the attacks of 9/11were Saudis, That was a political statement as strong as the attacks themselves. The statement was “You have no real friends in the Islamic world.” It was not true at the time but our war in Iraq is making it more likely to become true every day.

Has Iraq made the world a safer place? Even Tony Blair has admitted it has not and he has hung his political legacy on Iraq, too bad for Tony but old Empires never die, they just smell that way. We now own Iraq and we are weaker militarily, and our opponents are stronger. That is not a winning strategy in any war, particularly a war that our enemy intends to make a war of attrition. We will die of a million little wounds if we continue to believe fallacies like the statement, “We are fighting them in Iraq so that we don’t have to fight them here at home.” Afghanistan, maybe, Iraq, never! God bless you all and keep you safe in these confusing times. ©Henri Reynard/GoldenBrush Interactive

Posted by Henri Reynard at October 21, 2004 7:49 AM