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It’s been a week, and conservatives are still whining about the fact that the “homosexual lobby” didn’t eviscerate Kerry for mentioning Mary Cheney’s sexual orientation. I don’t think we need to revisit the argument about whether the comment was offensive or not. My strong impression is that few gays were actually offended; even the Log Cabin Republicans took the opportunity to criticize their own party. But let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that these Kerry critics are right, and that a lot of gays and lesbians are applying a “double standard”. Why would they do a wacky thing like that?

Let me think... Maybe it has something to with the fact that one candidate has pledged to write anti-gay bigotry into the Constitution, and one candidate hasn't. Maybe it is all of those Republican politicians who have been running around comparing homosexuality to bestiality and incest and what-not, without being dope-slapped by the people who are now indignant. Maybe it is all of the anti-gay ballot initiatives that everyone knows get more backing from Republicans than Democrats, and are expected to boost Republican turnout.

Although I would not presume to put myself in the shoes of a gay person, this call for gays to be "even-handed" strikes me as absurd. It is like asking Africian-Americans to be "fair" to David Duke because he is running against someone who told a racist joke in the fourth grade.

I was trying to think of an example that would apply to Republicans. Although no alleged "low blow" was involved, I am reminded of Dan Quayle's comment that he wouldn't prevent a hypothetical young teenage daughter from having an abortion. It seems to me if you are of the mind that abortion is murder, that is a pretty stunning comment. From that point of view, he essentially gave his daughter permission to murder his own grandchild. But the anti-abortion people defended him. I can understand why, because his track record showed that he was on their side.

So, what does it prove about the so-called homosexual lobby if they were willing to cut Kerry some slack? That they aren't bloomin' idiots.

Posted by Woody Mena at October 20, 2004 10:00 AM