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Support the Troops.

I will support the troops by voting for Kerry. Regardless of what a survey says, there were things seriously fouled up with this war, including our reasons for going in the first place. I’m not going to change my vote simply because Bush is more popular in the military than back home.

What has Bush done in Iraq to deserve our support? Did he undertake a careful, open-minded investigation into the facts before he committed us? No. Did he plan well? No. Has he routed our enemy? No. What has Bush done to earn our respect?

Look, the facts are never politically neutral. Conservatives and those soldiers both have a stake in this war that most Americans don't. To the military it's a matter of prestige and pride. To many in the the Republican party, it's your candidate's continued political survival. But to Moderates, Democrats, and even some Republicans, the facts are painting a different, more disturbing picture of events in Iraq.

It was the war that got me writing on this site, more or less, a years worth of "victory's around the corner", and "We'll find those weapons.", and "Iraq and 9/11 were connected", without a years worth of proof for any of that. Bush blames the media for his problems, but the media didn't force our armies to go in their light on facts, light on armor, and light on planning. The media did not impose this policy of everything's nice and shiny and bright, despite all the continuing chaos. The media may be magnifying certain aspects of that chaos, but it's not making it up. In fact, in terms of the civilian violence, our media may be sparing us the worst of it. Unfortunately, the Arab stations aren't doing that.

Both politics and war have a mental element, but War often deals in politically inconvenient events and truths that politicians may not be helpful in confronting. Some politicians will let their fear of losing their office, losing face against another party box them into making terrible decisions Other times, their anger overwhelms their decision making, and they take rash actions that are not in the nation's best interests.

Still other times, a politician's prejudices about how the world should run or about how it does run will do that job. Point is, re-electing a politician who's made major mistakes on a war is not my idea of supporting the troops. If they don't like Kerry, well, that's life.

Richard the Lionheart was a very popular king, especially with his troops, but by all accounts he was an incompetent king and general. He even managed to get kidnapped on the way home. Bush may be similarly popular, but charisma does not equal wisdom and support for those troops does not depend on supporting a leader who's taken them so far astray.

Posted by Stephen Daugherty at October 15, 2004 6:47 PM