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Kerry Nails Bush

Poor, poor w how can I count the ways that John Kerry nailed him last night? He slaughtered him on jobs but that was a given and the Bush campaign has even conceded that issue by crafting a statement that obscures that truth. Kerry creamed him on taxes, an area that belonged to w before last night. What killed w more even than Kerry’s acuity as a debater was w’s strong adherence to his campaigns faith in mantras, the only strength he showed last night.

No man as inarticulate as w has ever been president in my lifetime. His handlers’, articulate men and women steeped in the rhetoric of campaigns, have struggled to arm him with their mantras. Like a robot stuck in a loop he repeated them last night and ran into a barrage of unexpected answers from his more aware challenger. For those of us who think that this election is about the future of the USA, and by that measure the world, this debate was a landmark event. Even if Usama votes for Bush by giving himself up before the election this election is now in doubt. W has finally stumbled into the trap that his own advisors crafted for him by pandering to his need for simple answers to complex problems. “Good Night Sweet Prince” democracy does conquer all in the end.

We, all of us in this nation, are living in a world that we have created to a far greater degree than the rest of the people on the planet. We are the nation that stands astride the world like the colossus we are, in fact. It is the freedom of our people and their grasp of the concept of individual responsibility that makes us so large. We, each of us as individuals and all of us as a people, make the hard decisions that have made the USA so great. We have done this for two hundred years and more. We defeated slavery. We overcame fear and won two world wars. We challenged the universe and landed men on our moon as a symbol of our fearless devotion to conquering the unknown. We can defeat terrorism and ignorance and hopelessness together.

Terrorists do not hate us for our freedoms but for our power to transform our own world and theirs. Power is in our adherence to law over the use of force to decide who wins and who loses in life. Power is in our faith in education and its immense force in transforming human beings. Power resides in our trust in the people, we the people, who choose our course by choosing our leaders. Power resides in our transformation of the world into a place where people can trade and buy and sell in the world marketplace without fear or distrust. That power emanates from the most basic of our rights, the right to choose our leaders.

Of course we want to give the rest of the world those same rights. We all want the Afghani farmer growing poppies because it feeds his kids and gives them the protection of the warlord to be able to choose a better life. W’s handlers have that part of his campaign right, we all want democracy for those people too. We want the women of Iraq to be free to work and feed their children without losing the most basic of human rights, the right to determine who sleeps in your bed with you each night. We want the people of Palestine to have their own nation free of the might of the Israeli Army’s ability to kill and maim them at any moment in their life without regard to law or justice. We are a generous and honorable people here, so I believe, so also John Kerry believes.

W and his handlers believe in another world view and it was apparent last night. They believe that if you can fool all of the people some of the time you can win elections. They believe that trust is the action of a fool and hope is the harbor of the ignorant. They believe that our fear of terrorism is to be exploited and our anger is to be manipulated. They believe that race is an issue that must be addressed by shrinking the black vote and motivating racial hatred to get more bigoted whites to the voting place. They believe that love is a shrinking of human sexuality and a lie about the decency of those who love another of the same sex. They believe that terrorism is as good as a vote for w in this election and are telling us that every day.

Kerry, win or lose the election, won a lot of trust last night. He was the better man because his was the better message. His message was, Choose, You are the People, Choose between his message and mine. W’s message was as usual, “Trust me as you fear for your life and the lives of those you love,” that is an ugly message. The choice is yours, you are the people, choose! God bless and keep you all safe and aware of your power to transform the world with your choices. ©Henri Reynard/GoldenBrush Interactive

Posted by Henri Reynard at October 14, 2004 9:13 AM