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Cheney of Fools

I have to salute Cheney on his guts. If you go down to, you can be sure to find a variety of articles debunking Bush and Cheney’s favorite charges. Perhaps they think people don’t follow these links, but a lot of people do. I can’t tell you how many times I opened my inbox to find a Factcheck on the Bush-Cheney campaign.

It’s especially gutsy after all the little fibs and misstatements Cheney let fly yesterday. I’m sure I’ll see more factchecks heading for my inbox real soon.

Never met Edwards, did he? Not quite. Local paper calling him Senator Gone? That's a real nuancing of what the article really said. And of course, we do have to address that statement from V.P. Cheney about who presided over the senate during all those Tuesday session Edwards supposedly forgot to attend. Turns out Cheney only presided two times in his term as vice president. That's one more time than Edwards did. It's easy to see why Cheney hardly ever saw Edwards in the Senate- he never really gave himself the opportunity!

I recall a while back, Cheney tried to keep the al-Qaeda/Iraq connection alive by hinting that he had secret information that the 9/11 commission did not. The Commission promptly bitchslapped that particular insinuation back to the stone age. They had seen all the same evidence.

So had the Senate Committee on intelligence. when the GOP friendly committee looked over the evidence, it nonetheless had to conclude there was nothing to most of the supposed reports of the revival or production of WMD's Where it concerned missiles, they said, Saddam was developing them anew. Everything else? No.

We will never win a war on terror based on delusions, based on drawing this country into the results of a Neocon powertrip. To win this war, we must face the realities of it. Bush and Cheney won't. Kerry and Edwards will.

Posted by Stephen Daugherty at October 7, 2004 12:04 AM