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Kerry Leads In Key Endorsements

I watched recently, a CNN interview with an American soldier just back from Iraq, in a segment about his home state of Florida’s status as a key battleground state. The young white male was obviously inebriated, slurring his words and the glassy look to his face, suggested more than mere alcohol intake. It was not a reassuring image for us grateful and empathetic Americans, but I was angrier with CNN for showing a brave warrior in such an unflattering light. I could make out absolutely none of his comments, however the voiceover followed up by clarifying his intention to vote for Bush.

We now know that 30 of 35 foreign nations are pulling for a Kerry victory in November, news that is the equivalent of peyote for Freepers everywhere. And, although some on the Right have tried to massage certain overtures by 9/11 families, presently only 5 widows have publicly endorsed a candidate - John Kerry. We know the largest Police union in the country has switched and endorsed Kerry, and he also has the endorsement of the country’s largest Firefighter’s union.

In fact, at an entire section is devoted to his impressive list of endorsements (presently at 61), which is spread over 6 web pages. Conversely, there is no section of devoted to his list of endorsements. In fact, the results of a search for ‘endorsements’ brings back 73 items, some of which are endorsements (in news items that are repeated); many of which are Republican Party member’s endorsements (again, some repeated); and, the remainder are Kerry flogging articles filed under the moniker, The Boston Fog.

This little exercise of mine was triggered by this stray news item detailing one recent endorsement of George Bush – by a group of Black Gay Republicans.

Alan Keyes, Armstrong Williams, Don King and the other Brothers Of The Sell-Out, were bearable, if only to remind us of that brilliant television character, George Jefferson. And, just when we thought the political masochism of Andrew Sullivan and the Log Cabin Republicans could be the closest one gets to possibly utilize the ‘safe’ word, some Black queens calling themselves the Abe Lincoln Black Republican Caucus, feel the need to show out!

Don’t bother Googling for an ALBRC website, because it does not exist. I thought about posting the email address of the group’s leaders out of spite. Though, had it been a week earlier, I probably would have. But, I’ve come across my share of Gay Republicans, living lives of desperate anonymity that they’d go to the extreme of defiantly supporting their persecutor, just to garner attention.

But, that Florida soldier on CNN made me wonder what percentage of our men and women in uniform, are supporting Kerry, and what percentage are supporting Bush?

This query has brought back the images and words of those American soldiers in Fahrenheit 911, and the anguish and anger of the American soldier’s mother featured, who had lost her son in Iraq. And, the maltreatment of another grieving mother, who was simply exercising her right to free speech. Bush apologists, when put in the impossible position of defending the President’s handling of the war, are now countering all such criticism as an act of aiding the enemy, or putting our troops at greater risk. Yet, another heinous truth an easily duplicitous American electorate is unaware of, are the documented evidence of abuse of our fighting men and woman, at the hands of a cynical administration exploiting them politically.

In the week prior to November’s General Election, look for the nation’s editorial pages to finally choose up sides in this Presidential contest. Although, I am looking forward to reading the justification for a Bush endorsement (Chicago Tribunes’ R. Bruce Dold is probably on his 5th draft), it will not be until far after the election is over, I’ll learn the answer to a more burning question.

Could the warrior defenders of this country and their families, who have suffered the most under Bush, actually yearn for another four years of the same maltreatment?

Posted by Bert M. Caradine at October 6, 2004 11:06 PM