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Stripping Away the Veneer

Presidential Debate No. 1, September 30, 2004 - Kerry By A Landslide

Here at FreedomFocus.Org we have received dozens of emails asking “Why have you not posted your analysis to the first presidential debate”? We had a viable reason. Simply put, this debate was too important to get caught up and lost within the “spin-cycle”. It made more sense in our goal of educating the people to hold back and let the first series of tides run their course.

Our Analysis.

For quite some time we have been describing George W. Bush and his entire administration as having a "Boxed-In Mentality". That they cannot see nor work "Outside Their Box". We have also been hammering home that the marketing of the president was undermining democracy, noting our description of the Republican National Convention as the "Nazification of politics" in America. In this debate we saw both issues front and center. One thing was for certain. When you strip away the veneer applied to both candidates by their marketing staffs, George W. Bush, as an individual did not stand a lick to John F. Kerry. Demeanor, knowledge and marshalling of credible facts, it was no contest. The ability to answer 'on point' throughout the debate without fading, again, no contest. Multiple instances of failing to answer the question proffered, but instead mindlessly drifting away on unrelated subjects. Again, no contest.

Most important though was the reinforcement that another presidential term for George W. Bush and Dick Cheney will in fact be four more years of more of the same. "Us versus Them", "With Us Or With The Terrorists", "Our Way or the Highway". For instance, after four years of failed "multi-lateral" efforts involving North Korea, George W. Bush still openly hawks that he does not believe additional "bi-lateral" efforts would be successful; that China would merely walk away if the United States would supplement multi-lateral with bi-lateral efforts. Does President Bush state that he or his administration have approached China with this proposal to gauge their response? No he does not. It is just that George W. Bush and his administration are so "Boxed-In" they cannot even begin to see the possibility of a successful dual approach both multi and bi-laterally. They just cannot see or work "Outside Their Box". Thus, both they and in effect, American foreign policy on North Korea... and nuclear proliferation specifically, are "Boxed-In" and held hostage. North Korea HAS NUCLEAR WEAPONS and George W. Bush is "Boxed-In Mentally". Not a good scenario. Bad for America.

Then we look at what George W. Bush calls "strategies". Okay, let's look. Failing to put on the ground sufficient forces to engage and defeat a retreating and fleeing enemy in Afghanistan allowed terrorist-trained fighters to reconstitute, re-network, and fight another day. Along the way, as these terrorists migrated to assist Islamic Chechen terrorists, they INFECT every village, town, and city in their paths. NOW we have fundamentalist extremism brooding throughout the middle-east, heightening tensions in Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. Where is there a strategy in this? How is this a strategy to build peace and security via liberty when your "strategy" leads to the undermining of every other nation in the region?

Failing to put on the ground sufficient forces to SECURE in Iraq, massive and widespread arms and munitions depots, borders and transit points, and key infrastructure (oil pipelines). Just as in Afghanistan where terrorists merely walked away, massive amounts of arms and munitions merely frittered away from unguarded depots only to be used in attacking, maiming, and killing allied personnel along with non-combatant Iraqi citizens. Where is there a strategy in this, the woeful under manning of our troops?

Then we come to the issue of "leading" our troops. It is ONE THING to LEAD OUR NATION AND OUR TROOPS INTO WAR. IT IS ANOTHER THING TO DO SO WITH "LEADERSHIP". There is a fundamental difference. A difference George W. Bush and his administration just do not understand with their "Boxed-In Mentality". Ask yourself this question. If the military came to the president and stated "We need at least 250,000 troops to secure Iraq", what kind of LEADER is there, and what type of LEADERSHIP is shown to throw these valiant men and women into a fight for their lives, UNDERMANNED?

The fact remains that our nation was confronted with a global war against global terrorists and their networks. The fact remains that Saddam Hussein and his Iraqi regime had no real involvement in either the attacks of September 11, 2001, nor global terrorism. The fact remains that Saddam Hussein had been defanged for over a decade, and while he was a despot and murderous tyrant to his people, he was no real threat to anyone in the region, let alone the United States of America.

When you "Strip the Veneer" off George W. Bush and his administration, there is only LIE AFTER LIE, if not BIG LIE AFTER BIG LIE. You DO NOT drag any nation into a war based upon a manufactured and woefully fraudulent basis. And whether it is a legitimate or in the Iraq instance an illegitimate war, you never undermine your armed forces by sending them in undermanned and without the proper equipment. And when you rush to war without taking the time to build sufficient allies to take active part, you undermine our men and women who will bear the brunt of hostilities. That is a disgrace. Behind the veneer is a disgrace.

It is a disgrace to lay claim to being Commander in Chief when in fact, your actions are impeachable. Behind the veneer is disgrace.

Posted by Bruce R. Senator at October 7, 2004 3:39 PM