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The Duck Starts Here

Presidential Debate No. 1, September 30, 2004
The Duck Starts Here
The Mantra of George W. Bush

October 4, 2004 (Editors may edit for space & time constraints)

During the initial presidential debate on September 30, 2004 we saw something very interesting in George W. Bush. Instead of acknowledging a series of fundamental errors (uh, ‘miscalculations’) in waging both the “global war on terrorism” and the “Iraq War”, this president instead used this time to hone his “duck and cover” skills.

As PRESIDENT you would hope that after four years he would have known when to stand tall, admit mistakes, and state clearly "The Buck Stops Here". But that is not what occurred. Instead this president continues to disrespect the American PEOPLE with his ... patented "duck and cover". "The Duck Starts Here".

All he does is repeat the same old lines we have heard for the past three years, more notably the past 18 months regarding Iraq. He cannot tell America what the "plan" is, because there never was any plan. Just one goal, that being to remove (uh, 'get') Saddam Hussein under the 'guise' of disarming him. Only after our military forces were bogged down in Iraq did this president and his administration 'morph' the 'war to disarm Saddam Hussein' into the 'war for liberty in the middle-east'.

It appears that when you have no REAL plan, you have no REAL strategies, and thus no REAL tactics to deploy in achieving the (uh) strategies ... to attain the (uh) plan. So what do you do? Expand the war. Evade reality, and expand the war. If George W. Bush has his way, he will expand the targeted global war on terrorists and terrorist networks into a REAL World War III pitting nation against nation. And to boot, with his escalated nuclear arms development, he can be the nuclear war president also. Persistence does have its benefits. Bad for America. Bad for the world.

When George W. Bush practiced his "duck and cover" drills as a child of the 50s and 60s, could anyone have foreseen he could someday employ "duck and cover" as a (nuclear) president in the 21st century? But then again, when Stanley Kubrick produced Dr. Strangelove in 1964 could anyone have envisioned George W. Bush morphing into the Dr. Strangelove character ... in 2004?

"How They Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb"

Duck the issues. Duck the failures. Duck the responsibility. Expand the war.

With George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, "The Duck Starts Here".


Posted by Bruce R. Senator at October 5, 2004 3:09 PM