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You Dropped A Bomb On Me!

Newsweek is out with our first glimpse of the effect Kerry’s debate win has had on the electorate, and I thought it appropriate to break out the old Gap Band funk classic (see this entry’s title), while I typed!

A couple of things to note. First, the 8% percentage points swing in Kerry/Edwards’ favor in both the three-way match up (w/ Nader), and the head-to-head with Bush/Cheney. Presently, Nader costs Kerry 1% percentage point among Registered Voters.

Second, are the negative 5% percentage point swing in Bush’s favorables, and the +8% percentage point swing in John Kerry’s favorables. Most likely, Dick ‘Big Time’ Cheney’s recent scare tactics contributed to his negative 7% percentage point swing in his favorable ratings, while the +11% percent swing in John ‘Trial Lawyer!’ Edward’s now impressive favorable ratings (50%-31%), should be scaring the heck out of the RoveVision boys with the VP Debate set for Tuesday in Cleveland, OH.

These trends are further replicated in each candidate’s Approval/Disapproval numbers, but what is most telling is the negative 7% percent swing among Register Voters on the Right Track/Wrong Track question (-3% RT/+4% WT) – which nearly equals Bush’s loss in support, and Kerry’s gain in support.

This decisively refutes the Bush apologists’ post-Debate whining that the analysis is weighted more towards ‘style’, than their newfound preference for ‘substance’. The pre-Debate spin from the Bush camp was that the President would clarify his plan for Iraq, and explain how it is the center of the War on Terror. Clearly, from this Newsweek poll, voters heard none of that from the President. Instead, they were persuasively enlighten on these critical issues by his opponent, a man with a firm grasp of the sobering details, who conveyed them to the American voters in a manner they have so desperately been expecting from George W. Bush.

Need more proof of my polling analysis? With just one debate, John Kerry closed the gap on the Iraq issue with a +10% percentage point swing, and closed the gap on the War on Terrorism issue with a +12% percentage point swing!

The only sobering data from this polling for Kerry supporters, is by a 55%-29% percent margin those surveyed believe Bush is ‘more likely’ to win in November.

I will readily admit my double standard here, as I have previously railed against certain news media outlets putting an inordinate amount of credibility in just one, severely flawed poll. Yet, whether you agree with me or not, us Kerry supporters have been at a great disadvantage throughout this campaign, battling against the great Conservative echo chamber and their firm grip over what the media reports.

But finally, for 90 glaring minutes, all their ‘smoke and mirrors’ could not be employed to mask the incompetence of Bush’s failed leadership.

Posted by Bert M. Caradine at October 3, 2004 1:53 AM