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Flip Flop

I recently came across this statement in an article about why the Atlantic alliance matters,

Skeptics question whether fixed relationships with traditional partners are really helpful in dealing with contemporary challenges; supporters argue that they continue to advance U.S. interests and are crucial components of a stable world order.

It seems odd to me that conservatives are arguing in favor of an inherently unstable world order based on shifting alliances and interests, while liberals are pursuing a policy that strengthens international institutions dedicated to preserving the status quo.

Bush's experiment in radical foreign policy can only be viewed as disastrous by conservatives. It's led to increased instability in the Middle East, weakened US influence around the world, and the invasion, occupation, and reconstruction of Iraq is now a huge drain on government expenditures which (if seen to its conclusion) will force even a Republican Congress to raise taxes as Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan is now suggesting.

John Kerry's plan for cleaning up the mess in Iraq hinges upon strengthening our traditional alliances, thereby shoring up the current world order and ensuring American primacy. As a bonus, it also reduces the financial burden President Bush saddled us with in Iraq, and replaces the US military presence in the Middle East with a more international force which will be perceived as neutral and serve to ease tensions.

Senator Chuck Hagel recently described a Republican foreign policy. Unfortunately, it bears little resemblance to foreign policy as practiced by President Bush. In fact, other than restarting the draft and securing oil production in the Middle East rather than reducing US dependence on Middle Eastern oil, it's the same plan laid out by "Sandy" Berger, John Kerry's foreign policy advisor.

The world has turned upside down. Liberals have thrown their support behind a man with decidedly conservative views on foreign policy and fiscal responsibility, and conservatives are backing a radical administration simply because they label themselves Republicans.

Posted by American Pundit at September 29, 2004 12:09 AM