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Republican Gay Hypocrisy Hits Home - Again!

Seems the Republican/Conservative Hypocrisy Parade has just set-up temporary residence, here in Calumet City, Ill!! I do not know how in the heck blog pal Chillinois scope this out, but apparently Senate candidate Alan Keyes’ diatribe against Mary Cheney and the homosexual lifestyle, may have come from first hand knowledge.

This is yet another glaring example of the ingrained hypocrisy and willful denial on the part of Conservatives and Republicans. How can one preach such intolerance and hate towards gays and lesbians, when your actions could have a direct and adverse effect on a loved one?

Apparently, Keyes’ daughter Maya has not made it much of a secret, when it comes to her lifestyle. The fact that it was an actual blogger who was the source (and spark) for this story, speaks to the wealth of not very discrete personal information the young Ms. Keyes has allegedly posted online.

Those who have so far had the brass cajones to take on this story and report it are being slammed for allegedly outing a 19-year-old girl. However, that argument is refuted by the fact that an obviously smart, out and proud young woman, is not ashamed of who she is – regardless of the political ramifications for her father, no doubt she is well aware of.

Plus, the fact she is seen in one photo with a button reading ‘George W. Bush, You’re Fired!’ makes her all that much more inspiring to young gay and lesbians, everywhere!

Posted by Bert M. Caradine at September 28, 2004 4:00 AM