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Kerry - Capable!

A joke I once heard (origin unknown) goes like this:

A Senator, responding to a reporters question about the difficulty in forming a piece of legislation, says “Well, it’s not rocket science.” Determined to find out how difficult rocket science is, asks one, and gets the response “It’s not has hard as brain surgery.” Continuing on by asking a Brain Surgeon, the reporter finds out that brain surgery is “difficult, but not as difficult as particle physics.”

Finally, nearing the end of his rope, the reporter asks a Particle Physicist who says “Sure its complex, but it is all based on mathematics and exact experimental data. It’s not nearly as hard as forming social policy on a national or global scale.”

And that is why John Kerry should be our next President. He should be President because the job is hard. He should be President because the he will be leading the top policy makers of our nation, and the job requires someone with the background, knowledge, and drive to understand the intricacies and effects (and yes the nuances) that policy will have on the country and the world. And Kerry has demonstrated these capabilities in so many different roles throughout his life.

While commanding a Swift boat in Vietnam, Lt. Kerry demonstrated true leadership in the way he listened to his men, determined and discussed a plan of action, and then executed that plan without hesitation when the opportunity presented itself.

As a Senator he even demonstrated that same quick analysis of a life threatening situation and acted when he saved the life of a fellow Senator.

As a 27 year old veteran, he stood up to the government with courage and conviction. How many of us can say the same when we were that young.

As a prosecutor, Kerry managed the reorganization and modernization of his office, starting new services and improving efficiency.

As a lawyer in private practice he worked to prove the innocence of a man wrongly given a life sentence for a murder he did not commit. (and we shouldn't forget his representation of a victim of a hair transplant procedure gone horribly wrong! Evil trial lawyer indeed. :)

As the Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts he fought for environmental concerns and led an effort resulting in a resolution by the National Governors Association calling for cuts in sulfur dioxide emissions that were polluting waters in the Northeast, which later led to changes in the Federal Clean Air Act.

As a Senator he showed in his leadership of the BCCI investigations he has the tenacity to delve into complex situations, overcome obstacles which included powerful Washington and financial interests, including those of his own party and take on terrorism financing long before most people recognized the threat.

As an advocate for technology Kerry demonstrated his bi-partisan work ethic as what Business Week called their Digital Dozen

For all these reasons and more, Kerry has shown the qualifications, capability, tenacity and integrity to be our next president. He's had the varied life experience you want in a President. He's experienced, first hand, the country from the bottom up. Did his privileged background open doors for him? You bet, but he took that advantage and made the most of it through hard work and capability. You may not agree with his politics, but to say he isn't qualified or capable is just being disingenuous.

Although the issues facing us may seem straight forward (good vs. evil), and the needed policies simple (blow them up); the reality is as complex as the pattern of wave interference when two pebbles are thrown in a pond. We need a President a Particle Physicist could respect.

Read, learn and compare. Our country depends on it!

Posted by Al Maline at September 28, 2004 12:01 AM