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What Do I Want Out of a President?

People want more than just negative stuff. I guess the extent I can be positive, when my candidate is a challenger, is to make my audience aware of what I see as the qualities I like in a president. And so, Let me share with you my ideas of those ideals, those exemplary qualities I seek.

First, I want a president who seems wiser and more mature than I am myself. Second, I want a president who has broader intellectual experience than just what he hears from his advisors, who himself has the experience, or at least the education to discern things for himself. Third, I want a president willing to listen to those advisors who are not favorites or yes-men. Fourth, I want a president who is willing to scrap his view of things and rebuild from square one, if his current picture of the world is not bearing out.

I want a president who is prepared to deal with the failure of his plans, who isn't so committed to them as to try and force their success when it doesn't come naturally. I want a president who doesn't wuss out halfway through getting tough with the enemy. I want a president whose approach to diplomacy doesn't end when the other people don't give him exactly what he wants.

I want a president who doesn't revise his description of his original cause for action when those motivating factors turn out not to exist. I want a president willing to take a hit on having made a mistake, whose belief in himself and confidence in his actions are tempered by an understanding of his own fallibility.

I don't mind that Kerry's a politician. I've long since given up on the idea of politics being a purifiable profession. It's too human, too fraught with the inevitable differences of opinion and viewpoint. But I want my politicians not to be phobic about being human beings, about who they are and what their status is in life. Kerry doesn't claim to be what he's not- working class. He enjoys his wealth, has his fun.

In the end, I won't vote for Kerry out of desperation. I'll vote for him because he is the closest of either of the two candidates to what I want in a President. I'm sick of choosing presidents in a fashion enslaved to mere image. I want a man in that office capable of thinking for himself, and not getting himself in trouble by doing that. Kerry seems to be the guy with the intelligence to do that.

Posted by Stephen Daugherty at September 27, 2004 11:14 PM