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RNC Ushers In 'Willie Horton Phase' Of Campaign

I heard the rumor, but hoped it wasn’t true! I can understand such outrageous lies coming from the Evangelical Christian wing of social Conservative Republicans, even brazenly announced through their vast television network. And, it is certainly in line with the increasing barrage of baseless charges, ricocheting through the echo chamber of Conservative radio.

But, heads up, dear WatchBlog readers! We’re entering the Willie Horton/McCain ‘push polling’ phase, of the 2004 Presidential Election.

With the confirmed story of damning evidence that the latest rumor – if elected, Liberals are planning to ban the Bible – originated from Republican National Committee distributed campaign literature in West Virginia and Arkansas, I will be very curious as to how the mainstream media handles it. The fact that the RNC officially ‘fessed up’ publicly, late on a Friday evening, is no coincidence.

Will this be the lead story on cable news outlets, the entire weekend through till Monday morning, like the long forgotten (now absolved) Sandy Berger incident? Or, will it be buried and ignored like the swirl of indictments for illegal political fundraising, surrounding House Majority Leader Tom Delay?

Posted by Bert M. Caradine at September 24, 2004 8:31 PM