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Kerry On Iraq

John Kerry’s speech at New York University on Monday was probably the most important speech he’s made so far. Kerry effectively introduced himself at the Democratic convention and established himself - according to polls - as an effective leader in the war on terror. Kerry “is viewed by 52 percent of all voters as better able to serve as commander in chief, while 44 percent back Bush.”

Kerry's latest speech reveals his clear eye on foreign policy and strong plan for Iraq. Republicans would like to dismiss it, but the only criticisms I've heard are: "Hey! That's what we're trying to do!" and "President Bush failed utterly, so no one can pull it off."

Obviously both those criticisms are untrue. Instead of pushing for a larger United Nations role in Iraq as Kerry advocates, Bush has repeatedly rejected a more significant role for the UN,

The Bush administration has abandoned the idea of giving the United Nations more of a role in the occupation of Iraq as sought by France, India and other countries as a condition for their participation in peacekeeping there, administration officials say.

"The administration is not willing to confront going to the Security Council and saying, 'We really need to make Iraq an international operation,'" an administration official said. "You can make a case that it would be better to do that, but, right now, the situation in Iraq is not that dire." - Friday, August 15, 2003

And of course Bush has failed to rally world leaders to aid Iraq. George W. Bush personally dissed every single political leader capable of offering significant help. They'd love to see him fail now,

"Most people want to help Iraq but not in a way that rewards Bush," says a senior EU diplomat.

EU policymakers, who view almost all current American initiatives with suspicion, will be ready to give “more credit” to the future actions of a Democratic presidency even if the policies are not too different from current ones, says a senior EU diplomat. For one, Kerry’s language of alliances and partners is music to EU ears after four years of being bullied and treated like “kitchen boys” by the Bush administration. “The collective build-up of transatlantic insults and bad faith under the Bush administration can only be swept away if there is a change in government in Washington,” says the diplomat, adding, “The slate has to be wiped clean.”

Anyhow, here's a transcript of Kerry's speech. It's brilliant. The first half dispells Bush's "fantasy world of spin." The second half is a well thought out plan for success in Iraq. To paraphrase Teresa Heinz-Kerry, "If you don't like it, you're an idiot." Enjoy!

Posted by American Pundit at September 23, 2004 3:23 AM