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Memogate Mass Distraction

I was at first startled, but then realized why all the WatchBlog Bush apologists got snippy, and abandoned ship on the Killian Memogate non-scandal debate. You see, the singular contentious bullet point centers on the veracity of the information contained in the probably bogus (yet, still alleged) Killian memos. While searching for a relative link, I found most Bush blogs still totally obsessed and bravely focused on the document forgery angle.

But, as John McLaughlin queried of his talk show’s panel this week, ‘Is there any info contained in the memos, known not to be fact?’ ‘No’, came the response in almost total unison, to be followed by the bumbling reasoning of the Washington Times’ Tony Blankley, on why he’s hedging his bets.

But, what was more entertaining, was the Conservative Conspiracy Theory buzz kill, that dare not speak its name! Of course, I could not restrain myself, thus utilizing the bold html feature for full taunting effect. Marian Carr Knox – I typed. They had nada on the feisty and succinctly credible Kerry supporter, who would have no problems with a butterfly ballot, at the age of 86. My WB detractors eventually realized they would have to address Mrs. Knox’s personal verification of the memo’s contents, whereupon, they chose to return periodically to try out new theories to soil her credibility.

However, the heated discourse suddenly came to an abrupt end, when two regular adversaries upped and bailed, in an uncharacteristic snit. Awhile later, it suddenly dawned on me the ironic reasoning behind their behavior. You see, in contrast to the Swift Boat Veteran debate, Memogate had so far boiled down to just one singular contentious query – were the memos factual? Damn skippy, they were! So, Knox’s rock solid corroboration had to be – well, ignored. Thus, their bizarre evisceration of Dan Rather and CBS (plus a growing list of enablers and Liberal media co-conspirators) is like the loud, flailing Carney trying to distract and entice paying customers from his competitor. During the Swift Boat Vet cyber throw down, when my rivals realized me and my WB Blue Column co-horts were dragging them too close to recognizing or admitting the truth, they’d quickly change the subject – of which they had ample opportunities. But, one thing 60 Minutes II did do right, was keep the flawed and questionable specifics, to a minimum of one.

The newly careless Matt Drudge & Co. are going to need to hire a master gamer at Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon , to make the desired connection to the Kerry campaign. But, seeing that nearly everyone on the Right with a weblog and a Kerry connection theory is getting through to the producers of MSNBC’s Hardball, the WB Blue Column will have to suffice as an outlet for alternative theories. We now know, one of the very early (and quite well-informed) debunkers to raise suspicion of the Killian memos, has been revealed as a rather partisan, contract operative of the Republican Party. And, now comes the rumors of a certain Texas GOP operative, revealed (gasp!) in the New York Post. This has Karl Rove’s Aqua Velva soiled fingers, all over it!

And, this next bit of sampling, of addicted cable news viewers with too much time on their hands, is most likely skewered, but a worthy keepsake!

CBS and Dan Rather have finally fessed up, and the self-indulgent, self-important hand wringing of equally duplicit media hypocrites, is on! Smelling blood in the water, the Conservative echo chamber is working overtime to connect this to the Kerry campaign. Without any concrete proof, we know that suggesting such a connection in remarks by RNC’s Ed Gillespie and Scott McClellan, have a good chance of making it so.

But, we do know Bill Burkett contacted Kerry campaign’s Joe Lockhart, but with no discussion or offer of Bush’s service info. We also know, that White House Communication Director Dan Bartlett did not challenged the CBS documents, when given a heads up on the day of the 60 Minutes II airing. (See news story here.)

Monday morning, I saw one helluva speech by John Kerry at NYU, on Iraq! It is obvious, the Kerry camp sees an opening with the current focus on the deteriorating situation in the region, to play offense and hit Bush hard on a winning issue, a strategy suggested by the NYTimes’ Paul Krugman to Pat Buchanan. In response, Bush failed to address any of the specifics in Kerry’s four-point plan, disingenuously whining, ‘…[he’s] proposing exactly what we’re doing.’ Kerry followed up Tuesday with a tactically scheduled news conference, to again hammer away (with specifics) at Bush, on Iraq.

The Bush apologists may have succeeded in drowning out the credible questions surrounding the continued revelations on Bush’s sketchy, stateside service. And, they are gleefully perpetuating the story, firmly convinced that it is inflicting a fatal blow to John Kerry’s candidacy. But, even if they recognize this leaves Bush vulnerable to Kerry’s attacks on the deteriorating situation in Iraq, do not expect them to rally to the President’s defense.

Because, to replicate their success on the issue of Iraq, demands truths, and not theories.

Posted by Bert M. Caradine at September 22, 2004 12:09 AM