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Pass The Bush Lemon Law!

Three news items I came across recently, cerebrally converged to spark speculation of what a Bush second term might look like – and, it ain’t pretty. If it turns out that the needed number (but, not necessarily majority) of the American electorate, buys the impressive ‘bait and switch’ conjured up by the boys at RoveVision, they might want to check the warranty’s fine print, first.

The escalating violence in Iraq is getting it’s proper coverage from the American media, even in the company of real stories (Hurricane Ivan), and the manufactured ones (Killian Memogate). But, more surprisingly, the inescapable evidence of which path such bloodshed may possibly preclude has also been starkly laid out to the American public. Moreover, the release of the (previously) classified Intelligence Estimate on prospects of a future Iraq should’ve been the lit fuse of a resulting public outrage.

But, right now, the American public only sees the carnage and body count of Iraq police and civilians, and has turned a blind eye to the increasing toll of violence against Coalition soldiers. That just may be the next ‘loyalty oath’ condition on the Bush/Cheney ’04 campaign trail, along with declaring yourself a parent of a slain American soldier in Iraq. Jittery Democrats can no longer fret, now that candidate Kerry has turned his boat straight into the direction of enemy fire. Each day for the last two weeks, Kerry has supplied direct and stinging headlines, critical of Bush and Cheney. While Bush, avoiding specifics on any major issues, coasted on his perceived front-runner status with vague warnings about Kerry.

Yet, if the blunder of allowing Bush a second term is to come true, the ample evidence of an inevitable Bush Vietnam has to be kept from the American voter. According to the Intelligence Estimate, Iraq is closer to all out civil war, than to now ‘scheduled’ elections in January 2005. America is closer to a massive troop build up in Iraq and compensatory draft, than Iraq PM Iyad Allawi is to finally (and singularly) taking control of his country. And, with sustained sabotage of oil pipelines and no established economy, Iraq is closer to being a major drain on the U.S. economy, than a self-sufficient, sovereign nation.

Remember, in the 2000 election when the electorate was assuaged that veteran advisors would surround the inexperienced Conservative Wunderkind, a few even on loan from Poppa #41? The Bush/Cheney team of the MBA and the CEO? Well, what if they decided not to stick around? Of course, Colin Powell has long been rumored to have already decided to take a pass on four more years as a valued, influential advisor, whose experience and pragmatic approach to foreign diplomacy has already shaped the very nature of the Bush Doctrine. But, what if he is followed out the door by a massive exodus of aides and cabinet officials? Is this the chance to finally pull out the neo-Conservative ideology heavy armor assault weapons?

As a matter of fact, it also begs another urgent and vital question – if this administration is deserving of another four years, then why is everyone bailing?

Posted by Bert M. Caradine at September 18, 2004 9:04 PM