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Letís Save the Democracy (In Indonesia)

Paul Wolfowitz is the greatest purveyor of Democracy since the founding fathers to read his article in the NY Times from September 16, 2004. Whoooeee; do we really have to put up with this crap for four more years? Men Women and Children stand back, get the neocons to the lifeboats first, the ship of democracy is listing and about to sink here but they need transportation to Indonesia to find a democracy to defend. Of course arenít they changing the subject on us just a tad here? Or do I misremember that they sent a Chalabi to take the role of George Washington in Iraq; that was I believe just before he was discovered to be an agent of Iran and the devil incarnate.

We do have a certain amount of irony in mind when we suggest loaning Mr. Wolfowitz to Indonesia to make sure that democracy survives there. I would suggest that he be given that task and left there until a post in Outer Mongolia opens up and he can practice his Yak calling; which I understand is better than his ability to forecast what will happen in Muslim Nations when we bomb them. If any man has earned the right to be treated like a Pariah for his consistent bad calls in Iraq and elsewhere in the world it is Paul Wolfowitz. But our bumbling President and his fat clever consigliore Rove just keep ah shucks-ing their way to another four years and Wolfie just keeps on talking like he understood Democracy at its core.

His mentor understood Democracy; according to him the men who run things should not be bothered with the truth as long as they can retain power. Evidently our fear of terrorists is great enough to let that sort of leadership dominate our nationís future for another four years. So yes, we get to listen to the likes of Wolfowitz preach to us about democracy when they canít tell a true Father of Democracy from a lying spy for a real enemy.

Wow Dude, this retirement thing is really fun! Democracy is fading fast here at home. Iraq has a slim to none chance of ever experiencing it after we spent a thousand lives and will likely spend thousands more trying to establish it there. Social Security is on its last legs, Medicare is in intensive care, and we need to watch Indonesia collapse into an Islamic State. This is because we fomented hatred among people who ten years ago just wanted our support in establishing Democracy there. Our actions in Iraq and our lack of integrity on the issue of Palestinian human rights and territorial rights have assured a more dangerous world all around, and Wolfie helped all of that happen, why are we still listening to this guy?

The democratic surge in Iran before we gave the Mullahs the perfect storm in Iraq for cover has expired. The most secular democracies in the Islamic world, Indonesia and Turkey, now hate America, not for its freedom but for its insensitivity to Islam and lack of decency in Abu Gharib and elsewhere in Iraq. All of this happened on Bushís watch under the guidance of Wolfowitz and this mendacious crew of power first and then democracy believers. Maybe they have things backwards; democracies empower people, even if their beliefs are inconsistent with our western ideals of justice and equality and capitalistic economic systems and freedom of religion. We never could have installed a democracy in Iraq that we would approve of here; the Mullahís would never allow it. Not if peace reigned the moment we stopped bombing and started rebuilding. Of course that moment has yet to appear in at least half of Iraq. The half we are not in control of today is getting bigger and our half is shrinking. This all sounds devastatingly familiar to those of us who remember some of the last fifty years of life in the real world.

Our power is immense when we use it carefully, but adventurous use of our power usually brings repercussions that dwarf any positive values created by that use. We are the biggest, baddest military power on earth; but people who donít care if they die can thwart that power unless we crush them totally. Even then it seems likely that they would continue to punish us from beyond the grave. Witness our friend Israel, which is immensely more powerful than the Palestinians, but is digging a hole for their future by using that power unwisely. Iran will someday have the nuclear weapons they so desperately desire to balance the ones in Israel. Iraq is headed toward Civil War and possibly dissolution under our tutelage, not democracy according to a top secret report by our own intelligence agencies. Indonesia and Turkey are leaning further and further away from secular democracy under pressure from their citizens who overwhelmingly dislike and distrust us today. And now, Wolfowitz is crying out for freedom of the press in Indonesia. Paul, you poor benighted fool, the reaction to your policies, visited on this incompetent President, was predictable, some of us told you so.

We are badly led today. Would Kerry do better? He could hardly do worse but our fear combined with Roveís cleverness may rob him of the chance to try. Watching the Son, of a Bush who did do better, screw things up royally is a reminder of why dynasties usually die nasty deaths at the hands of their own supporters. There is still tomorrow and we will still eventually get our troops home. The only question now is how long that memorial wall will have to be to hold the names of those who came back after life was over for them. Israel is still going to be there even if the wall around it has to grow into a turtle shell in order for it to survive. Islam will still be there and it will still be sitting on most of the easily available oil in the world. The terrorists will still be there too, only there will be more of them, of that you can be certain.

Wolfowitz, your piece crying out against injustice and the failure of Indonesian Democracy to support freedom of the press is heart rending. Your friend there, Mr. Bambang Harymurti may be the son of democracy and truth you make him out to be, but such men have always suffered at the hands of men like you. It is you and your misuse of our power on the world stage that has created much of the anger he is reaping. His relationship to you may even be why he is being jailed; his government may suspect that he is a tool of our ambition, working on your behalf. I pray and hope he is released as I pray and hope you are released from the exercise of power on my behalf soon. My old heart and body can hardly stand another four years of your protection and service. God bless and keep you all safe in these times of suppression of freedom here and elsewhere in the world, these are interesting times. ©Henri Reynard/GoldenBrush Interactive

Posted by Henri Reynard at September 16, 2004 8:17 AM