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Observations for the Night

One wonders why Zell Miller is still a Democrat when he clearly can’t stand them. The man ought to be ashamed of himself. The Republicans ought to have known better. Zell Miller’s speech, Ironically enough, may turn out to be the Patrick Buchanan speech of this convention. Only this time, it won’t be the disagreement that’s so damaging- it will be the agreement. If Zell is siding with the president, does it not stand to reason that Zell speaks on the president’s behalf when he calls Kerry a traitor and questions the man’s faith?

An honorable president would set the standard and say- below this threshold, our criticism of my opponent will not sink. From time to time he appears to say that, but as Zell Miller, the Swift Vets and various others launch vicious attacks on Kerry, and the Vice President leads childishly immature chants of "Flip-Flop", it is quite obvious that either this nice president has no control over his proxies, or this president isn't as nice a man as he claims.

They claim integrity at the same time, having created a half trillion dollar deficit, that they claim to be fiscally conservative. They claim victory in the war on terror at the same time they admit their can be no victory on it. They voted against the Homeland Security Department before they voted for it. They tout their shout to the people who brought down the buildings, while fail to mention the man they've neither brought in alive or succeeded in Killing.

They have dinner with the firefighters and policemen while they cut the funding going their way, and while they neglect to use their ambivalently created department to harden the prime target cities of the nations.

They chide Kerry for seeking a permission slip to protect America. Big words out of people who submitted their now famous case to the UN to get just that, because our allies asked it of them. They mutated the reason for the war from imminent nuclear destruction to the liberation of Iraq from a tyrant.

They told us time and again that when the next big problem was solved fewer soldiers would be dying, and as we reached each landmarks casualites never waned, in fact increased. Violence escalated after the Capture of Saddam, and has escalated since the handover of Sovereignty.

Either our president lacks for a clear understanding of the issues there, or he isn't shooting straight with the American people. Pick your poison- stupidity or pernicious dishonesty.

Posted by Stephen Daugherty at September 2, 2004 12:14 AM