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Partisan Blinders

One thing I have noticed as I’ve become increasingly upset about the Bush Administration policies is that I’ve had an associated decrease in my understanding of why people continue to support those policies and the man who leads them. It is not that I haven’t tried; I read the papers, I occasionally run Google queries like “I like Bush because” or “Bush is a good President”. Most often the results of these queries are platitudes not insight. I read the red column on the right, but most of the postings there (like most of the postings on this side of the page) only bash the other guy or other party.

I admit that I am being selfish in my desire to understand. By gaining comprehension I hope to develop arguments that will change the opinion of a Republican voter; instead of enraging them.

So I would like to issue a request to the Bush supporters reading this. Post your comment on why you think Bush is a good president. Try to stay away from clichés that don’t have supporting arguments. For example, “Bush is a strong leader” doesn’t provide any foundation on which to judge the statement. But “Bush is a strong leader because of his belief in God and how he uses religion as a basis for his actions” provides greater insight into why you think he is a strong leader.

Why should you help me out in this way? Well you may convince someone with your argument, if it is strong enough. Also, I promise that my next post will only cover why I think Kerry will make an excellent President, without mentioning or demeaning his opponent.

Posted by Al Maline at August 28, 2004 11:14 PM