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A '527' Group For Truth

I am proud to declare, that I have been a card-carrying member of since it’s inception during the Clinton/Lewinsky Inquisition period. And, ever since, they have been a powerful, articulate and savvy voice that perfectly represents me, and many others on the Left. Those on the Right have insisted at every turn that this organization is ‘radically Liberal’ (and ‘controversial’, according to CNN), hoping to marginalize its impact. And, in the same breath, they’ve used the so-called anti-Bush ‘Hitler Ad’ controversy as proof, never bothering to explain the details and facts involved.

Executive Director Eli Pariser was absolutely correct, when he said (proudly) that this proves the effectiveness of efforts, whereas drawing fire from the Conservatives have helped establish them as a major player in the country’s political discourse. was Joe Trippi, before he utilized the Internet to establish Howard Dean, and create an energized movement. But, even for a moderate Democrat like me, I’d found two voices that were unequivocal and would not tolerate being drowned out by the Conservative echo chamber and their supplants in the media.

With the recent controversy over ‘527’ groups, many have mocked, while some have even pronounced the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Act, a failure. However, am I the only one who believed that when President Bush (reluctantly) signed the bill, it was a good initial stop plug, but was bound to spring a few leaks?

Oh, and by the way, do not expect me to apologies for the lopsided expenditures of anti-Bush ‘527’ groups vs. anti-Kerry ‘527’ groups. Remember, pre-McCain/Feingold, Republican opponents insisted campaign contributions were free speech, confident in the knowledge they will always be able to afford many more bullhorns, than the Democrats. So far, TV ads ran by have been, for the most part, credible and truthful. However, these ads have only succeeded in helping level the playing field in this Presidential election. On the other hand, the Swift Boat Veteran’s smear campaign has apparently succeeded in moving polls back into Bush’s favor.

To all those readers not already of an partisan mindset, this group will now fill this entry’s comment thread with claims of ‘smear’, ‘propaganda’, ‘Liberal hate’, or the old stand-by, ‘Bush bashing’. They will not provide any specific examples of such devious behavior on the part of, then again, they also believe John Kerry has not yet ‘effectively refuted’ the claims of the Swift Boat Veterans. However, if you are of an open mind and/or would like to learn more about, like me, I hope the only opinion you really trust, is your own.

(I’d also encourage a visit to MoveOn PAC’s ’10 Weeks’ campaign, to view some powerful new TV ads.)

Posted by Bert M. Caradine at August 28, 2004 8:15 PM