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Get In The Game!

I’m reading the 9/11 Committee report, and one of their recommendations is to promote moderate Islam as a counter to bin Laden’s brand of extremism. The commission also notes polls showing support for the US in Muslim dominated South East Asia plummeting from 61% before the Iraq invasion to 15%.

Having just read that, I came across this article in my local paper, “US failing to reach out to Muslim leaders in S-E Asia”,

President Bush's administration talks repeatedly of trying to bring democracy to the Islamic world, but often seems to fail to realise that it already exists in South-east Asian Muslim nations.

Malaysia's Prime Minister Abdullah was recently in Washington to meet with President Bush, "he was squeezed in for barely a half-hour meeting with Mr Bush and this was squeezed between the president's lunch with his Chilean counterpart and a photo-shoot for a car race."

This guy just won a landslide victory against Muslim extremists in Malaysia by running on a "moderate Islam" platform, yet President Bush isn't promoting him as a political success story and a role model for other Islamic nations. Bush barely gave him the time of day.

C'mon! Are we trying to win an ideological war against militant fundamentalist Islam, or are we just screwing around?

The very next day, Condoleezza Rice speaks about reaching out to the Muslim world,

We must also do everything that we can to support and encourage the voices of moderation and tolerance and pluralism within the Muslim world.

We need to understand their challenges and their cultures and their hopes... Our interaction must be a conversation, not a monologue. We must reach out and explain, but we must also listen.

She neglected to add, " long as it doesn't interfere with the president's lunch and photo-ops."

I really don't understand the Bush administration. They talk the talk on fighting terrorism, but when it comes to walking the walk, they just fall flat.

Q. ...why is it that in the three years since 9/11 you haven't given this kind of a speech to a Muslim audience in one of the five largest Muslim countries, nor has any senior administration official?

DR. RICE: That's a very good question, maybe we should.

Good grief!

Posted by American Pundit at August 21, 2004 1:31 AM