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Sucker Bet

The conduct of war takes place in a nuanced world. Matters of life and death and committing troops to combat require a grasp of many very complex elements of warfare if their lives are not to be wasted. The objectives must be evaluated, potential win/lose results must be analyzed, and best case versus worst case outcomes must be tested and retested before that action is taken. In a commander who is analyzing a situation before combat begins decisiveness can be a serious point of failure. Anyone can be decisive absent adequate forethought.

Decisiveness is valuable in a military commander in the field but should not be predominant as a character trait. Thinking through complex situations and coming up with strategic and tactical solutions on the spot is more important where human lives are at stake. No military commander trained in our system of schools that impart leadership values and tactical and strategic analysis tools can deny those facts.

John Kerry has put his foot in the trap set by Bush and his political handlers related to his regrettable vote in the Senate that permitted Bush to pursue the war in Iraq. Those of us who do not trust Bush to make the right decisions decried that vote and others like it that led to this war. We do not trust decisiveness in a man whose decisions are not well thought through and which frequently reflect only his prejudices not forethought and analysis. The difference between a Commander in Chief who believes a Chalabi and uses his totally false information as one basis for committing troops to combat and a competent leader should by now be obvious. Kerry took the bait and looks like a dupe of the Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield, Wolfowitz cadre of fools today. That is a sad commentary on our press and its incompetence to portray events accurately. It is also a sad commentary on the duplicitousness of Bush and his political handlers.

Bush is a failed President in so many ways it is hard to name most of them in one essay. He has failed to lead us effectively in the war on terror despite his high ratings on that issue. The fact that terrorism has been given a major boost by the war in Iraq is indisputable today. His failure to pursue the diplomatic and economic means at hand that will reduce the prospect of or prevent nuclear arms from falling into the hands of terrorists is clear and demonstrable. The fact that our environment is less protected today than it was under every President since Theodore Roosevelt is also indisputable. The fact that our economy is sick in the area of job creation and suffering from inadequate planning in the area of energy supply is no longer arguable. Bush’s energy plan amounts to an endorsement of everything foolish about importing the major supply of fuel for our transportation system. This system of maintaining energy supplies is failing now and will fail disastrously when the oil supply can no longer meet world wide demand. His Medicare bill combines the worst elements of corporate welfare and cynicism toward the consuming public ever combined into one massive piece of legislation.

The dupe in the White House is becoming the genius on the stump by virtue of our failure to portray his failings in all of their glory. He sat in a school room while precious moments vanished in the greatest hour of crisis our nation has seen since WWII, is that the action of a man of decisive wisdom? He spoke of unity and pursued the most divisive political agenda this nation has seen since the Civil War, is that leadership? He fooled the Congress into backing his “No child Left Behind Act” and then left the program under funded and now he smirks while he lies about its value to our educational system. The combination of “smirk and jerk” in the positions of President and Vice President has been disastrous for our military which is sadly overstretched today. We are weaker than we have been militarily at any time since WWII not because of Clinton but because of Bush Cheney and Rumsfield’s inadequate grasp of the difference between decisiveness and responsibility.

I am voting for John Kerry because he is the only option I have to Bush being reelected. I distrust Bush and his followers too much to do anything else even though I think Kerry is mistaken about Iraq. We are in the process of replacing Saddam with another hand picked strong man if events continue on their current course. Democracy has little prospect of emerging from the chaos in Iraq. If it does emerge the Kurds will attempt to secede from the broken nation that is Iraq. The Turks will then make war on them. The Shiites will dominate any democratic Iraq with little prospect that an emerging alliance with Iran will not lead them toward an Islamic state. What finally will end this mess created by Bush’s decisiveness in pursuit of folly will be unknowable for some time. It is far more likely to result in the dissolution of friendly or tolerant governments throughout the Islamic World than any action we have taken there in the last fifty years.

Afghanistan is still in play and the Taliban and the warlords are vying for support there. Pakistan is still a friendly military dictatorship hanging by a thread and one bullet away from chaos. The Royal Family of Saudi Arabia is immensely corrupt and is an increasingly slim reed through which to pump the whole world’s oil supply. Al Queda is still active and new terrorist groups are growing in many Islamic nations. Israel is still pursuing a policy towards the Palestinians that much of the Islamic world calls genocide. Where are the victories on which reelection of this President could be based? In the delusional minds of the Fox News team and elsewhere in the minds of members of the press that swallow the idea that nuanced decision making is waffling. Those are the only victories of this Administration but they may be enough. God bless you all and keep you safe in a world of increasing terrorism and optimism without a basis. ©Henri Reynard/GoldenBrush Interactive

Posted by Henri Reynard at August 15, 2004 9:00 AM