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Grading The Truth Squad

I remember seeing the website URL on the backdrop behind RNC’s Ed Gillespie, as I was watching him on CNN. I don’t think it was until the third night of the Democratic Convention then, when I realized the web address was home to the Republican’s so-called ‘Truth Squad’. I also remember finally seeing a segment on and footage of the actual ‘war room’, with images of bustling white males in shirts and ties; reminiscent of a similar looking mob of angry, white Republican males, bum-rushing a ‘dangling chad party’, during the Florida recount.

Their mission in Boston was to dispel, refute, rebut, prove false, challenge, counter, argue against, expose, confront, disprove and contest, an expected equal amount of deceptive and dastardly lies, that these hateful Liberals can manage over four days. Well, it appears party chair Gillespie may have been the sole conduit of such information, as it was clear Bob Dole, Pat Buchanan, and Bill Kristol were woefully out of the ‘talking points’ loop.

As much as it irks me that most Conservative debaters I’ve come across will dismiss source material from out of hand for example, I felt obliged to assess what the Republicans managed to concoct from their visit, curious as to how they match up with our ‘truth squad’.

Please grant this writer a very big favor, and go visit -! There is no better example of why John Kerry will be our next President.

And, if you would indulge me a moment, please go next to Now, in comparing the two web pages, take a visceral evaluation of the weighted content on both sites. Feel the difference?

One would think the Republicans would have enough material to work with from the four days of Convention rhetoric. So, what is Michael Moore’s mug and a good deal of skewed debunking about him, doing on this web page? If you check closely, one traitorous quote attributed to the filmmaker is source linked to a NYTimes column by David Brooks, where it appears as hearsay. The Republicans offer up a list of the ‘Ten Things You Won’t Hear at the Cosmetic Convention’ that will fill up the column inches that should’ve read, ‘Ten Things The GOP Could Not Refute at the Democratic Convention’.

Neither Ron Reagan Jr. or President Clinton’s speech are quoted directly, let alone challenged in any way. Instead, you read three paragraphs that give the impression Bush actually supports Stem Cell Research, while they needed to break out the Mack daddy sized fonts to fill the page on Clinton’s speech.

I don’t remember if this group was ever referred to as a ‘rapid response team’. ‘Fumblers for filler fraternity’, would have been more appropriate.

Posted by Bert M. Caradine at August 14, 2004 4:58 PM