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Bush Opposes "Legacy" College Admissions

Once again our esteemed President’s words have been so ridiculous that I laughed out loud and disturbed my colleagues.

That’s because George W. Bush, has suddenly decided to speak out against “legacy” admissions at colleges!

Now this is the same President who certainly used his father's legacy status to get into Yale. This is the same President who used his father's status as a U.S. Rep to get preferential treatment in regards to military service during Vietnam. This is the same President who used his family's influence and name to secure loans to start businesses and later buy the Texas Rangers. This is the same President who used having the same name as a former President to get elected Governor of Texas and President of the United States.

But now he's entirely against that. When questioned, "Colleges should get rid of legacy?" W. responded, "Well I think so, yes. I think it ought to be based upon merit."

So when will he be turning in his Yale diploma?

Posted by blipsman at August 6, 2004 3:07 PM