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Conservatives' Hollow Victory

The overwhelming approval (by a minority of Missouri voters) for a Gay Marriage Ban Amendment will go down as a hollow victory for Conservatives. The Primary turnout was the highest since 1998, but only 40% percent of the state’s 3.48 Million voters actually went to the polls. The 70% percent of voter support comes out to about 28% percent of the citizens deciding this matter for everyone else. That is about the right percentage of hardcore Conservatives who come out for Primaries in droves, thus having a stranglehold on many state Republican Parties’.

I am sure now, that if this were on the general ballot in November, the vote would’ve been much closer, and not a far-gone conclusion. I also believe, that as the dynamics of the Presidential campaign have changed considerably (Kerry having a damn good shot at taking the state), the volatility of the issue would have had a far less negative affect on the Dems. Why? Standing alone as an issue, Gay Marriage Amendment failed to garner any significant support outside of Missouri’s Conservative base.

I stated before, that I was in favor of the legalization of civil unions instead of Gay Marriage, specifically due to the stubborn overreaching of our community, and the unnecessary political ramifications. Yes, I have been heartened by the success of civil disobedience from San Francisco to New Paltz, N.Y., as those images have had a positive emotional effect. And, we also continue to find we are on firm legal footing, while the ‘moral uprising’ predicted by the Pat Buchanan’s’, have yet to materialize.

As much as I have railed against offering up to the Conservative Right any possible ‘wedge’ issue, I’d gladly pull out the good china to serve this one to them. This exact scenario will play out again and again, in a number of states to come – with the same result. More and more, we are hearing the disaffected voices of ex-Bush voters, using words like ‘angry’, ‘deceived’, and ‘misled’. By hammering away at this issue, Republicans will only reinforce all the doubts and the President’s falling credibility.

We truly have ‘turned the corner’.

Posted by Bert M. Caradine at August 4, 2004 2:21 AM