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A More Perfect Union

Last night I spent a few hours watching a Democratic Convention focused on uniting a nation divided by serving the interests of people everywhere with its voice. It is a voice revitalized by Barack Obama, the black child of an immigrant father and an American mother running for the Senate from Illinois. His speech was a brilliant blend of affection for this nation and what it means in the world and hope for a future in which that meaning is realized.

It is a new vital voice made poignant by the genius of a woman whose life has been lived in an effort to use her dead husband’s family money to try to make a difference in this world. She is living her life today to help her current husband empower those who want to make their own impact on this world. Theresa Heinz Kerry has earned her chance to live in the White House and lead this nation into a better future by serving its best interests, not her own. It was there in the presence of Ron Reagan Jr. speaking to an issue of science that political activism has turned into an issue of religion.

There was a new resonance in that voice last night. It was drawn from the strength of the party that once returned a nation to prosperity after a huge financial depression brought on by massive excesses of greed and cronyism in the years before it took power. It was the power of a party that did not shirk its responsibilities in the face of the greatest threat to Democracy ever mounted during WWII and after. It was the power of a party that is composed of people of moderate means or less voicing their hopes for a better life for their children and yours once again.

There was a new optimism in that voice last night and a lot of respect for all of the people of this nation came through in every speech. It did not call out to religion or ethnicity or any of the things that divide us into malleable groups that oppose one another. It called out to integrity and effort and honor and beauty and respect for this world in which we live. It called out to each of us to bring our best to the party and the world in which it can be a voice for decency and empowerment and love of family, community and our neighbor once again. It was a voice that can never be stilled because it was the voice of the people of this great nation once again.

It was a voice without anger or spite or disdain or fear or the empty greed for control that has so hampered our nation’s value in the world at times. It was a voice that can bring hope to the heart of an old cynic who has watched a lot of great people die in sixty years and be replaced by those who pick up the burden of freedom and bear it so well. It was the voice of freedom not hampered by religion but empowered by faith. It was the voice of liberty not given to excess but full of the meaning that only liberty can bring to human life. It was the voice of hope and optimism and love for our flag and what it stands for at its best. It was the voice of dreams yet to be lived in a nation that makes all dreams possible. It made me proud to be a Democrat for the first time in years.

It never once made me want to hate the current President who I regard as an aberration in our history of leadership in the world. It made me want to work for a better nation once again because I am not alone; there are many of us who want a better nation here in a better world. Not all of us are Democrats but many of us are united in that party once again. I saw a gathering of some of us there in Boston last night, responding to the speakers. Each face was shining in the light of their own particular hopes and the dreams that drew them to congregate in that place. I saw passion and idealism and hope and optimism and faith in God and Country all together in those faces. I saw respect for humanity there. The promise of a healthier, better educated and better served nation sprouted there and grew branches that crossed this whole nation all in one night.

No one can know what will happen in this election. It could easily descend to the depths of the last one in which cheating and damage to democratic values attained new heights and our nation suffered a defeat of its principles. No matter what happens this time the people are finding their voice. I heard it last night and I was proud to be a member of a nation that can give rise to such passion in the hearts of uncommon people everywhere. I hope to hear it once again in the Republican Convention before I die. It has been there from time to time. Lincoln spoke with that voice as have so many others in that great party. The voice of this nation is the voice of its people, not the voice of an elite few. John Kerry is a member of an elite few who took a life of privilege and turned it into a life of service. He has a great power behind him in the people at that convention and he will use it well. God bless you all with the hope and dreams and optimism that I saw last night, it is our common uncommon heritage in this nation regardless of party. ©GoldenBrush Investments Ltd/Henri Reynard

Posted by Henri Reynard at July 28, 2004 8:16 AM