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I have made it a point of steering clear of the intense and often lengthy WatchBlog debates on abortion, due to not being passionate about my stance, not being properly informed, nor being born a woman. (Although, the subject matter is a sure bet to win the WB Agitator Of The Month award.)

But, like other things that baffles me about the Right, their pro-Life advocacy, juxtaposed against the fact that most similarly support the Death Penalty, so far, lack convincing evidence as to how they righteously co-exist. Why doesn’t fervent rhetoric about the purity and sanctity of life, not extend to a death row inmate? Cite the biblical passage that justifies yet another moral contradiction?

I also find it unsettling that the majority of the movement's leaders are White males. This subject always triggers the image of President Bush signing the partial-birth abortion ban into law - as he is surrounded by a group of all white male Republicans. Every other category of human species is born with its own caste of discrimination, with which to struggle against their entire lives. Is abortion the white male’s ticket into the League Of Victim hood? Can they now claim to genuinely suffer from a bona fide societal injustice, not of their own making, just like the rest of us?

This issue was never much a concern to me, until the emergence of those advocating an abortion ban even in the case of incest, rape and threat to the mother's life. As appalled as I was by this encroachment on the basic, sane protections in Roe v. Wade, I was equally angry at an indifferent society, dangerously unaware of such an effort's correlation to common, everyday moral failings.

It is quite interesting to watch the Right's reaction and unfolding response to Ron Reagan Jr's new role as a leading proponent of stem cell research. His upcoming speech at the Democratic Convention is embarrassing and injurious enough to the GOP, but the specter of the son of the Conservative deity, pitted against a sometimes dangerous and unpredictable group of 'true believers', could be interesting.

One can now assume that Ron Jr. will take on a familiar guise, one he will ironically share with his father's former Press Secretary, James Brady. The law that bears Brady's name put him at odds with another powerful group within the Republican Party. Yet, in spite of his sacrifice and genuine advocacy for sensible gun restrictions, he found no allies in his former political party - just hollow sympathy and lip service.

It took Brady years of lobbying to achieve a hard fought victory, while reportedly, John Kerry has now promised Reagan Jr. that his first act as President will be to sign an Executive order reversing the stem cell research ban.

Hopefully, the apparent lack of fairness and compassion of a supposedly moral Conservative movement may soon be exposed, just as swiftly.

The Assault Weapons Ban is up for renewal and the Republicans are marshalling strong forces against it. Please, do as I have, and sign the Tom Mauser Petition in support of renewing the ban.

Posted by Bert M. Caradine at July 20, 2004 5:36 PM